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Q&A Part 2: How to Start a Web Consulting Business?

In building a web consulting business, it requires in-depth knowledge about information technology- from web development to programming, design, and content.

Last week, we have published the first part of our Q&A dubbed, “Q&A Part 1: How to Choose an Effective and Productive Web Consultant?” This is an article written for the people searching for a web consultant. Today, we will continue our Q&A with this question: How to start a web consulting business?

Others might say that web consulting business is one of the easiest businesses in the field of information technology. Because you just need to have a computer, internet connection, email address, a phone line, and industry contacts where you can search for prospect clients. But, are these things enough to start this kind of business? I think it’s not.

To further discuss the requirements in starting a web consulting business, let’s answer the questions that perhaps play in your mind right now.

Q: What to think before starting a web consulting business?

A: Before submitting in web consulting business, better ask yourself seriously and answer these honestly: What services do you have to offer as a consultant? What skills do you need to run a business? Are you knowledgeable in marketing, management, or accounting? Are you willing to work with other people with different personalities and attitudes?

According to Tim Wilson (2014), a consulting business requires you to wear two hats: Consultant and Business Owner. You must possess both of these hats.

Q: What you need first to start a web consulting business?

A: In starting a web consulting business, make sure that you have the following:

  • 1. Skills and expertise

Identify your skills. Are you good in web developing, programming, designing, or online marketing? How these skills can help you in finding solutions for your client’s web problem?

Through these skills, you will determine your expertise that you will use to have a trademark on this business.

  • 2. Portfolio

Set together a website that showcases your professional portfolio, and obtain links of sites that you have accomplished as well as testimonials from previous clients. You can attract potential customers by presenting your skills and services with your portfolio.

Note: Don’t forget to include an area where potential customers can contact you.

  • 3. Business Plan

Wilson (2014) elaborated the business plan that is required in web consulting services through these questions: Will you be consulting people one-on-one or in groups? Who are your competitors and what makes you different? How do you plan to dominate this competition? Who is your target demographic? And how do you plan to reach them?

  • 4. Legal documents

It is important to make your services legal. You need to file legal documents to the state or country where you plan to operate. With this, your services will run with license and tax ID number so that your degree of personal liability for the business is legally established.

  • 5. Financial Forecast

Don’t assume that this kind of business will grow quickly in the place you’ve set or to the people you’ve chosen. Make sure you start with enough capital to sustain you web consulting services until it reaches break even.

Q: What are the tips to follow in starting a web consulting business?

A: To be able to start a web consulting business positively, you could follow the tips below:

  • • Focus on this: Sell your solutions to your clients. Not your services.
  • • Remember: results and achievement are the vital tool in acquiring potential clients.
  • • Develop an online platform to acquire more clients. You can use social networking sites.
  • • Have business goals, both financial and growth-based.
  • • Match up your goals with time, energy, and resources.


Web Consulting Business is not an easy business. It takes a lot of preparation and consideration. Just keep in mind these questions and answers that can guide and help you in analyzing yourself and your passion in starting this business.

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