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Q&A Part 1: How to Choose an Effective and Productive Web Consultant?

In making your website more effective, aside from innovative and productive web developer, you need a web consultant.

Over the years, online web presence has evolved from being a great access tool in targeting customers, marketing tool, and advertising medium of products and services. Now, if you do not have website in your business, you have a difficult scenario of reaching your potential customers through social media, search engines, and directory listings (Andrew, 2013).

Finding the right web consultant can make your business succeed. However, this article will not directly answer the question, “How to choose a web consultant?” The questions below will guide you how to choose a web consultant in your own.

Q: What is a web consultant?

A: According to, a web consultant can provide a wide variety of services to businesses, from designing a web page to maintaining the activity that is generated by the site. They can serve in an on-site ability with a company and they are typically brought in for special projects for a limited time.

Q: Why do you need a web consultant?

A: These reasons are based on the article of Community Tool Box (2013):

  • •   To solve a website problem you have not so far been able to solve on your own.
  • •   To facilitate a process.
  • •   To bring specific knowledge or theory to your website.
  • •   To lend skills your company does not have.
  • •   To bring a fresh, unbiased perspective to your business website.

Q: What to consider in choosing a web consultant?

A: It is important to know the things you need to consider before choosing a web consultant. It will guide you to achieve your own standard.

You have to clarify why you need a web consultant. Think about it hundred times. Do you really need a web consultant? Are there any options to make? Do you have any other resources within your business organization or company to take? If you really have no choice but to say, “I need it”, then, choose the one who fits your needs.


Identify the task you want him to accomplish. Determine whether the task is specific or vague.

  • •   Specific: the consultant is hired to do something precise – create a computer program, create a concept for web design, plan for web maintenance, facilitate a project management tasks. And if these tasks are finished, his job is done also.
  • •   Vague: the consultant is hired to facilitate the overall function and appearance of the business website, give suggestions for general concept of the site, help the business in any other management process not only in website – there is no clear timeline of his job.

Sometimes, this might be the source of conflict between the website owners and the web consultant. For example, in maintenance of a website, the consultant has the confusion where to give focus. On the specific area, or in overall? And it is hard to accomplish a work if there are no clear-cut tasks given.

Think about the skills and experiences that are necessary.

  • Educational background: Is he finished with a degree in any computer related courses? Does his background would lend him credibility for building your website? Educational background can be the root of skills and experiences of a person.
  • Experiences: For example, you want your web consultant to have an experience in web development, web design, SEO, internet marketing, branding, and consultation services.
  • Skills: Do you want a skilled web consultant in the field of coding? On the other hand, he has knowledge in JavaScript, PHP, Joomla, mobile development, etc.

Ponder the traits, personality and working style of your potential web consultant. It is important that you are working with a person with good traits and disciplined working style. Check the personality he has not just the skill he possessed.

How much you can afford? According to Community Tool Box (2013), this consulting position may be part of, or funded by, a grant of a specific amount. In that case, determining what you can spend is easy. If you’re spending unrestricted funds, there are two things to consider: what you can afford to spend, and what you can’t afford not to spend.

Q: What to choose?

A: Then, after you learn the things before choosing, I am giving the list of roles for you to choose an effective and productive web consultant.

Choose a web consultant possessing the “CISCO” roles. He must be a/an:

Coach – choose a web consultant that will support you while achieving a specific professional competence result or goal. He just facilitates you to determine – not pointing to you – the solutions for your website problems.

Instructor – choose a web consultant that will teach you the strategies in handling your website properly. He is not the one who will grasp the responsibility, but he will just instruct you how.

Specialized – of course, choose a web consultant that is expert in the field of web consultation. Don’t just choose somebody who is just familiar with this field, choose a person who was designed for it.

Counsellor – choose a web consultant that will give you guidance and supervise you on your website.

Organizer – choose a web consultant that will put together into an orderly, functional, and structured website. He will not just teach you what to do, but he puts everything in order.

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