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So you’ve got enough planning for your website. The design, the overall get up, topographies, functionalities, scrolls and etcetera, etcetera. The question now would be: Is that enough?


Building a website doesn’t make an overnight galore that makes you sleep without nothing and wake up with a final and fully furnished plan. It doesn’t even go with your imagination, ideas, and creative juices. For such cases, those can also do a website. BUT NOT ALONE.

There are many cases that your website plans must need a consultation. This is to make a polished plan before extending your arrangement to a full-blown website with a grasp on assurance that your dream web will work the way it should be.

That is why you need a consultant, in other words, you and your web need a real deal analysis.

At this point, analysis makes consulting services primarily done by a well experienced and professionals. For instance, in the field, web development professionals are at the center of this issue. They commonly do the analysis.

Question to analyse, do you want to have dream web? Then make it sure you think pro or work with pro.

What to analyze?

Having a website alone shouldn’t make you feel the victory at all.

The basic concept of website consulting service relies on managing the process of planning, constructing, and promoting products and services with the effective marketing research. And another task to accomplish, keeping a track with the competitors thus provides strategies to have an edge and to stand out among the great competition.

Specifically, you and your consultant need to analyze the following:

  • • Design. This is the physical and structural design of your web including colors, typography, User interface, and the overall physical appearance of the website. Also, it slightly covers some web development aspects such as front-end coding, etc.

Questions to analyze: Does your design connects with what you intended to do or tell on your user? Does it collide with your target audience? Does it go along with your brand name, brand statement?

  • • Content. These are things like texts, images, animations, and videos that is encountered as part of the user experience on websites. These are the stuffs on your website.

Questions to analyze: How will you present you web content? What message will you put to your content to pass through your audience? Do you really need a daily dose of contents and how will you improve it? Who to tap on for these stunning contents?

  • • Functionality. Functionality will presume how an audience interact with your website. The better the interaction (meaning: the better the functions) the higher satisfaction you give to your customers.

Questions to analyze: What function do you really need for the web? How will you present your website thru these functions? How will you make it sure that all functions worked well, and error-free?

  • The service and Branding. This is pertaining to the overall actions (and action-to-be) within your website and how will you obtain a trademark for that web. Service involves the readability, consistency of layouts and colours, navigation, length of loading pages among others. On the other hand branding includes colour, logo, and taglines among others. Brand is included in the service, because in the real world, brands are well known after service. The better the service, the easier for branding.

Questions to analyze: How will you satisfy the customer? Do you need to consider the demographic profile of your users for this issue or just a so-so? What type of text or colors to use as a branding tactic? What tagline, logo, and message will you utilize?

And what technique will you obtain for your customer cum branding magnet?

  • Search Engine Optimization. It is an old story about how will you attract search engines to put your site at the top of search results. Though an old story, SEO comes with several processes to master. And like a pro, consulting service has to perfect it.

Question to analyze: What tactics are best utilized nowadays? How can you possibly make it sure that search engines and your web are best of friends? How can you get better engagement?

  • Competitor. You are not alone in the cyber world. There are millions of competitors out there ready to break a leg just to make it sure that they lead. Are you aware of what they do or what they use to do?

Questions to deal: what are the bad guys up to? These techniques are called competitive analysis in consulting service.

Why analyse?

No need to analyze.  If and then, you are the only company offering that good or service; if and then, you are the only one found in the internet; if and then, you have perfected the arts and sciences behind success; if and only then, you mastered the ups and downs of online marketing. You can never do that alone, and most of the time, you will need the help of web consultant thru web consulting services.

So why do we need a partner for my website’s analysis?

Points to ponder:

  • All things need an in depth reasoning; the better the logic, the better the conclusion.
  • Analysis helps you to find a problem and ways to deal with this—better and safer.
  • Analysis let you acquire meaningful insights.
  • Analysis help you go with a better conclusion.

What to do?

Find a company that is all in one. A one-stop shop that offers a bucket of service: from designing, web development, web maintenance, SEO marketing, and a whole lot more. And more importantly, as I wanted to point throughout the article, the one that know better than analysis. All edges come from thorough in depth reasoning and analysis.

Let me end with this, “If you know the root, bet it, you will probably have the perfect fruit.” So what now? Start to analyze with your partner.

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