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Web 101: How to Maintain a Website?

Consider this framework: Generally, user wants something new.

For example, you have your own developed delicacy and you called that a masterpiece. Then and now you taste it, you make another, another and another.  And then there is a time you’ve been fed up eating that. Apparently, you’ve made it to a point of developing it. Add flavours, spices, colors, and alike. That is a simple maintenance, then there must be an innovation.

Just imagine you are browsing a site –probably an Ecommerce site and you experienced a messy, non-functional, not updated site. Would you like to continue browsing it? No of course, you’ll click back and go for another site. That’s the prize.

With this, I believe that some web developer may have an outage of pulse right now and cram just to be into the beat of websites thru maintenance. Web Maintenance is a process of updating and adjusting a website to keep it run smoothly.

Check out the following tips on how to maintain a website:

1. BACK UP. Make sure to protect what you are doing. Every updates, changes, development, feeds, and alike must be backed up before anything happens. Remember that all things are possible to happen when it comes to websites. And also, anticipate hackers out there.

Furthermore, if you are working with other companies for web development, don’t be comfortable. Make sure that you have backed up all your own materials. You possibly make a mess just because you didn’t took minutes for backing up. Try to install SiteUp, a freeware website availability-monitoring program. It allows to monitor your website and for instance of crashing, you will be notify as soon as possible.

The above task will go hand-in-hand with monitoring website outages, checking domain registration information, monitoring website speed, link check, and software updates.

2. CONTENT MONITORING. The paradigm here is to make your website fresher and fresher as ever. Try making the content hot and sizzling that appropriately converts your site to a better one. Make sure to post relevant topics and make a buzz worldwide with your relevant topics.

Addition to this, make your design on trend or better to overtake trend. Monitor your design and make it as better as you did last time. Aside from this, take the freshest updates about any of the following:

  • About your product. When you are doing a website, put the latest details on your brand. If you have a new product to put in the market, so be it, post it. Take the hottest description and make sure to inform the public on the price movements, cancelled or expired ads, etc.
  • About your company. Put your company to the eyes and minds of the user. If you have received an award, or got a new manager, or a new CEO, or was mentioned on national TV then you have to update the user. Remember, each time you need to build connection with your user. Treat them with value; connect!
  • Promos. People love promos. As I mentioned, make a buzz and let them do the talking by using a promos, give a ways, gifts and prizes. And I am going to repeat: Love them, value your user.
  • News Updates. Inform people. Let them know the latest news or breaking scenes out there. Remember people need to be informed, and they loved it.
  • Content and get up development. As I mentioned the framework a while ago, users want something new in general. They are never been contented to what they see or utilize. As a web owner, try to add some feature on your website like social networking, sharing, chats, and alike. You can also add an answer to the FAQs or add a function like ratings, and some other to make people not bored on you website.

3. MONITOR WEB PERFORMANCE. Even those dogs outside needs to be monitor. Treat your website as your nicest pet. Just think about how they performed over that day. Did they perform well? Or worse compared to last week or month?

Just like your pet, show some love and check out its stats. You can do the following:

  • Meet Google Analytics. Before doing anything over this analytic, you need to set up Google analytics to trace goals. These goals can include anything from mailing list sign ups, lead form submissions, and shopping cart transactions. For instruction about these steps, try to visit the Google Analytics Help Center to provide easy to follow instructions on how to set up goals. After successfully doing those things, you can now update your Social media performance thru Media reports, advanced segments, and a like provided by the analytics.
  • AWStats. It is a free powerful and featureful tool that generates advanced web, streaming, ftp or mail server statistics, graphically (SourceForge, 2014). This provides the details and stats regarding users to how much time they visit the page, how many minutes they have stayed, and so on.
  • Google Alert. This is about your credibility monitoring. Check out what Basic Computer Information has to say about Google Alerts:
  • ▪     Is there a notice sent to you from the Google alert system via email when Google has found an instance of the keywords you have setup to monitor?
  • ▪     Google Alerts are great way to monitor your online reputation
  • ▪     Keep an eye on keywords you are looking at;
  • ▪     Monitor your links around the web.

4. CONNECT TO THE REAL WORLD. The best way to maintain your website is to maintain connection outside your website. It is not about your website’s purse, it is about your audience, the public, and the users. Keep an eye with social networking sites and add up button or functionality that let you connect with the outside world. Know to the comments and suggestion to know what they think about your website. And most importantly, listen.


Web maintenance is simply updating and adjusting a website based on customer’s needs. The above tips are only few of many ways to maintain a website. With this, as I always say, “Love them, value your user.” Web maintenance is a way to remunerate or acknowledge the user. Remember all users in the world love to be valued. Show them what they want, or what they need, listen to them and make it sure that they feel worthy. This I guess the best way to maintain a website. To the mere fact, you are not just maintaining a website; you are maintaining users’ interest.

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