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Under Construction: Web Maintenance Rules

Does your website have many broken links? Does it ever crashed or ever been hacked? Are you worrying about updating its content and assuring its security?  If so, Web Maintenance and its rules will help you solve your problems.

Web maintenance is a commotion to repair broken links of your website, update its content and design, and look after its performance, basic safety and security, routine service, and insurance to assured that things on it are running well.

In maintaining a website, there are a lot of things we should consider to get the ambiance that we want to put on to our site, such as our basic theme, concept, layout, and also the content. With these, we need to think systematic actions to maintain our website and upgrade it to a new level of trends.

Here are the basic rules in maintaining your website easily and practically.

Rule no. 1: Analyze website performance

You need to check the performance of your website regularly for a smooth and responsive user experience. Here are the things you need to do to analyze the performance of your website.

  1. Always check for slowest pages. It is possible that these are the reasons why your website has low traffic because users will not visit your site anymore if they encountered lagging of your pages.
  2. Check for the compression of unnecessarily large images. Put images that can only support the content of your site and will not distract its design. Put and compress large image evenly.
  3. Check for and improve inefficient Ajax JavaScript code.
  4. Recommend appropriate use of Ajax to improve page responsiveness.

Rule no. 2: Find broken links

It is important to check your website against broken links regularly so that your site will not get a bad reputation. Links that are not functioning or links that bring a customer to unwanted pages may appear as annoying and irritating. Always check for links to run your website smoothly. Make a routine in checking all these kind of annoying links and remove them, or else, your visitors will not visit your site anymore.

Rule no. 3: Use style sheet

If you want to change your website’s font color that has 100 pages by using HTML, it has to be done individually on each page. By using a CSS style sheet however, the style definition can be contained in one page. More importantly when using style sheet, you should utilize the current industry standard of CSS code. There are many options to recognize by particular versions of browser, but if you want to keep your web maintenance simple, use only CS code that can be interpreted by all browsers (11articles, 2013).

Rule no. 4: Provide quality and fresh content

Treat your website as a bread. If it is not fresh and it remained for about several weeks ago, it will have molds and no one will bother to eat it. If you have fresh content, it will bring your visitors back to your website repeatedly. Keep your website up to date, whether it’s by implementing a content system or updating pages which will drive visitor’s interest.

Managing a blog can help to keep your website alive and active. You can do it weekly or even every other day. In that case, you need to post new articles that will invite new comments and visitors. You also need to update policies, terms and conditions pages for legal issues.

Rule no. 5: Execute security and system checks

You must maintain server constancy and protect it against harmful outbreaks from other sites or even from visitors. Your server should only run necessary services and must update all software to avoid hacking and crashing of your site. The following instructions below can help you execute security and system checks:

  1. Always check your operating system that has latest patches.
  2. Inspect system event logs for software error reports and software updates.
  3. Check if the system runs only those basic services.


If your visitors do not find your website decent and attractive enough, they will never land back on your website. When you made a website with good content and design, your responsibility is not yet over. Remember, you need to take good care of your website. Web maintenance is a responsibility for you as a developer until you want your website to exist. Innovation is not enough to make your website exists. You need continuous construction and maintenance, and these rules will help you out.

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