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THE BASICS OF WEB MAINTENANCE (Excerpt from the Website Manager’s Handbook of Shane Diffily (2013))

You have a clean, cool, and awesome website. Then, you wanted it to elevate more than just enough. All you need to do is to maintain your website.

Website Maintenance comprises all the activities needed to ensure the operational integrity of your website or intranet (Diffily, 2013). To make it simple, web maintenance is doing all the things needed to make sure your site runs smoothly and according to the objectives and plan.

There are six essential activities when maintaining a website. These are as follow:

1. Content updating. The usefulness of content in a website is typically common yet really inevitable to all sort of websites. In fact, content is the most important aspect of a website. As we all know, content attracts search engines. So for a web maintenance team, the following must be considered:

  • - Content is very essential in search engine results.
  • - It will provide necessary information to your reader.
  • - Content increases your website value thus making it more credible.
  • - It generates links thus add traffic to your site.
  • - Content spice up your readers desire to get back on your site and ask for more contents.

2. Web Quality assurance. Sticking to the aim of a website is necessary. Thus, all the functionality and designs must meet and must be concise as well. For this job, a quality assurance team must be in prompt of spotting errors in the website. To do the task successfully, two activities must be highlighted-data collection and data analysis.

- Data collection deals with checking all the websites materials like broken links, invalid or missing contents, and alike while data analysis has something to do with analysis of collected data for some adjustments.

3. Website Feedback monitoring. Ensuring that the customer messages are acknowledged and responded to in a timely manner, a website monitoring task must take place. Remember that all customers wanted to feel valued all the times. First, to look for, are their responses or their feedback and acknowledge its presence. Also, you need investigate the issue reported or any materials that deals with your website and your customers satisfaction if necessary. Make to a response for their feedback through any of the following, but not limited to:

  • - Email
  • - forums
  • - Online chat
  • - Instant Messaging
  • - ratings function
  • - telephone, Cellular phones (if any)
  • - Help desks, etc.

4. Website Performance Monitoring. This activity deals with knowing and analysing the execution of the website. This include the website traffic, visits, visitors, page impressions, and alike. Some of the tools to get to know about those keep reading our previous posts and blogs. Also, it includes visitors feedback from sponsors, visitors, and subscribers.

5. Website infrastructure performance monitoring. Basically, this is for watching over the website hosting. It includes technical supports on activities such as software management, hardware management, IS security, data maintenance, and alike. Over all, it monitors website speed and responsiveness, availability, and reliability.

6. Website change control. This refers to the implementing technical and other updates to your website in a seasonably manner. In this activity, details such as the nature, scale, impacts of the change is analysed well.


In able to keep your website runs smoothly in accordance with your plan, objective and of course, in your client’s requirements, you must attain the above activities and handle all situations with full analysis and understanding. In addition, a team should play for these tasks to fulfil aims and projections. Remember in our latest post, we pointed out that a team is the best builder of a successful web maintenance tasks.

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