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5 Practical SEO Tips for Ecommerce

Good job! Your site ranked in an engine. All of a sudden, you lose SEO battle, your web witter, then die! How was it?

Search engine optimization is a methodology of strategies, techniques and tactics used to increase the amount of visitors to a website. Through this, a site will have an access and an additional chances of appearing in a search engine, thus making it sure that users will land on their website. For Ecommerce, it is more crucial, getting traffic will not end there, the battles continue on how you please your customer to stay, be hooked, and buy you products and services.

SEO will greatly help you overcoming great website competitions out there. But what are the ways to strengthen your website traffic.

1. Keywording. Research your keyword and make it sure that is fitted to what you are doing or about to do. It comes mainly on the content. This will lead search engines notice your post as to your website. Good keywords should generate a small, but well-targeted amount of search traffic, including at least 500 exact match searches each month (Kumar, 2012). Check out the following:

  • a. Research your keyword. Researching your keyword that doesn’t look forced to fit on your article must take place first before writing articles. And know your target, research on keywords that are applicable to your prospective reader.
  • b. Not too broad. Focus on the article. Write something that centers on the idea. Keep in mind that the readers will either stay or leave on your site, the former will apparently happen once you center a point of issue.
  • c. Don’t be too particular. Being so particular may lead to zero visit. Imagine this— people will not look over too familiar and particular points. They may feed out of it!
  • d. Don’t use unpopular terms. Don’t use terms that people may impossibly look for. The gist may lie down to the fact that you’re a human that can understand a common language so you’ll know how people use and search words.

2. Multichannel. Forget about the word ‘ONLY’. There are a lot of social networking sites out there to play on. Enjoy the ‘Cyber’ environment. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn among others and all electronic Word Wide Web sites that can be a source of traffic. Just make it sure that your moving on one direction and will be consistent in anything you do. Remember, you need branding, and how will you make it out of being inconsistent?

  • a. Share images, share stories more than enough. Don’t be too selfish, Don’t just write, feed your customer with an enigmatic yet ‘emotion-filled’ images about your product and service. Don’t just focus on the image itself, focus on the story that will catch one’s feeling and do it more than enough. Persuade then afterward, let the conviction flow naturally. And don’t ever forget your main site, link it with SNS.
  • b. Socialize. These SNSs were made not just to inform them or display your good offers and products, ask them, answer them, socialize with them, make friends, build connections. Suddenly, you are building trust.
  • c. Do that technique. Schedule your post, your image postings, and most of all add a technique. If necessary, do a ‘buzz-beater’ questions or posts, interact often, make noise (but not irritating noise), make fun, and make it lighter by specifying your audience. The more you get into the environment of your audience, the more you’ll get what you want.

3. Great design and info architecture. There is a misconception about the ‘no relation’ thing over web design and SEO. Obviously, your site must be pleasing to the eyes of your prospective customer. Why?

  • a. Overall Get-up. You should obey their taste when it comes to the design, usability, and over all get up of your web. Don’t forget the functionality of your web, just remember that a simple error found by your user means devastation to your website.
  • b. Buttons and functionality. You can put simple but functional buttons, simple designs, ‘eye catching’ graphics, and usable buttons. (Don’t forget about eye-catchy, relevant caption of images).
  • c. RWD matters. Responsive Web Design also matter. Imagine those 6,835 million mobile users today. How many of them is your prospective customer?
  • d. Practical side. Hypothetical question: If you put your feet on your customer’s shoe, do you like to browse on a messy, nonfunctional, not well-designed, stagnant website? How do you like them, apples?

4. Backlinks. Also known as Inbound Links (IBLs), backlinks are links that are directed towards your website (Bourn, 2013). This is considered as foundation of SEO. Building up a good backlinks comes in a several ways. Among others are publishing articles, blog commenting, forum marketing, review books and products, and other media, establishing a name in social networking sites, and produce relevant contents as much as possible. These ways will make you build a reputation as a credible website owner.

5. Yourself. It does not end there. If you have enough ways to build your SEO but never had a goal of succeeding means nothing. Review on the following:

  • a. Deadlines. Did you meet you objectives on time? Obtain your goal and make sure to set deadlines to your goals.
  • b. Ask yourself about the some new ways to get there. If you think, then rethink.
  • c. Did you produce or reproduce innovations. If you innovate, why not re-innovate?

Remember this: Nothing will compare to you when it comes to drive. Drive yourself to meet goals and fulfil objectives. Treat you website as a family member, love them, work for them, and after all, it is you for your success.


Building up an SEO is an old story, but the great thing; there are a lot of innovations that may help the process. And as the story continues, you as the website owner will always be the director of your success. Noted also that all of those things given above are only few ways to build up a good SEO. You, as the director of your website’s success, can add or improve process that you think will help your website to succeed.

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