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5W+H of Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application –or referred to as an “app” – is a sort of application software that is designed to run a mobile device, such as smartphone or tablet computer. Frequently, it provides users with similar services as what PCs have and done.

Today, more people access the Internet through mobile phones than through personal computers. Commonly, mobile phones are nigh on corporate people because they can use it anytime and anywhere for their business. With this, web developers cultivate mobile application today with quality usability, informative features, and responsive designs that can be the reason why it trends today.

Let us learn about the basic mobile application development through analysing the 5W+H questions of it:


It refers to your planning stage. What are your goals and objectives in developing mobile application? It includes your vision, concepts, designs, and processes of your mobile application. For instance, many developers are so much into generating applications but they missed to focus on planning. This is important because through this, creative ideas can flow properly regarding the development of your application.


Who are your target users? To whom do you offer your mobile app? It is important to know who your users or visitors are. Remember that your concepts and ideas will not just come from your own creativity but also from their culture and interests. For instance that your target users are teenagers, precisely, teens have mobile phones and will surely a fan of different mobile applications. Teens will utilize their phones all the times, 24/7. And usually, they do have different interests that you must consider. Your users are your references. So learn more about your users and you will know more how you will develop your mobile application.


It refers to timeliness of your mobile application.  Are your features timely? What would be the edge of your app? These questions must be answered instantly because users want updated mobile applications. People are now into the spheres of social technology so if you want to catch your target user’s attention, be timely and impart proximity to them.


This is the most significant stage in mobile application development. This is where the Ws will combine and create a process. After planning, knowing target users, and being up to date, the next stage is the process. How do you implement your plans and concepts in developing your mobile application?

Bonuses: Here are some things that you might consider in mobile application development.

  1. Make sure you are following your exact plan for your mobile application. It is important in coding, especially in building an app from scratch. To save you from messy and grief app, use a storyboard or some sort of flowchart system where you build the application on paper or sketch pad. Once done, all you need to do is write the code. Planning is your foundation, guide to concrete and well-planned application.
  2. Pay attention to different operating systems. Your mobile app must be both user-friendly and OS –friendly. For instance, you are working with an iOS, make sure that it will match also with Android phones.
  3. Test the interface and functionality before arraying. For some people, impression lasts. So before presenting your mobile app to your users, make sure that you have tested its interface and functionality. People now want a perfect deliverance of their interests. Therefore, if you have something to offer with them, make sure that they will seize it perfectly.


Mobile application development has become a much more approachable undertaking, which it makes things a lot more complicated. So many apps are launched through different app stores. Do these made you think how to stand out? Through knowing these basic 5W+H of mobile application development, you will get to know the fundamental concepts and ideas in developing mobile app.

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