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Mobile Application –or referred to as an “app” – is a sort of application software that is designed to run a mobile device, such as smartphone or tablet computer. Frequently, it provides users with similar services as what PCs have and done. Today, more people access the Internet through mobile phones than through personal computers. Commonly, mobile phones are nigh on corporate people because they can use it anytime and anywhere for their business. With this, web developers cultivate mobile application today with quality usability, informative features, and responsive designs that can be the reason why it trends today.
Mobile application development will never be possible without the help of online stores or app stores in terms of distributing a specific application. It provides easy delivery to mobile users wherein they can choose from different categories ranging from music apps, games, movies, books, etc. Application stores serves as an online marketplace that distributes applications according to its availability in different devices.
Gaining its popularity increasing every now and then, mobile application has been one of the most used services when it comes to exposing companies straight to consumer’s mobile phones. Indeed, mobile application development has been increasingly affecting the companies to take advantage of the latest innovation that technology brings.
Responsive Web Design adapts the changes brought by the widespread era of different mobile devices in having a website that can respond whichever size of browser the device has.