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Customer Recommendations: Does your online business actually need this?

Finding your business niche online needs effective internet marketing strategy. It is given that you have a website and people can already find you through search engines, but can you settle for that kind of system? You have to grow your business and your relationship with your online consumers. That is why it is important to have recommendations from previous customers and former employees in order for you to reach wider community of online users.

Recommendations are the #1 factor when it comes to purchasing, where in people become aware first about the product then initially buy it. (Keller, 2012) Furthermore, it is important to build a positive rapport in growing business with loyal and supportive consumers. With recommendations, you allow someone to mention favourably the services you have compare to your competitors. It can show others that your business is built with trust and credibility.

Another reason why recommendations are important is because people turns to someone they can trust—friends, colleagues, families and co-workers—in terms of buying and availing something online (Patrizi, 2011). Moreover, when someone avail services from your business and start to post recommendations for you, it can attract people from his/her circle who can trust your business and start availing too. Their comments and suggestions are very powerful especially for those people who really read reviews, testimonials and recommendations made.

Wondering how to have positive recommendations from your connections? It is the way business handle its customer service. In the previous survey conducted by Dimensional Research—an independent market research company specializing in technology—44% of the respondents from B2C transactions claimed that they recommend products and services to others by receiving good customer service interaction. This means that the easiest way to have recommendation is to give them good customer service experience.


Your recommendation for us is highly appreciated so as the recommendations of your customers for your business. It becomes a simple act of paying it forward to do good deeds here in the World Wide Web. Start connecting with your previous customers and see how effective your business has influenced their lives.

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