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Web Development: What type of website will lead your business to success?

There are various types of websites that are developed to produce compelling contents, promote services and even connect business with people around the globe. From the previous research of Netcraft, the World Wide Web significantly increased up to 861 million developed websites as of January 2014, making different industries explore for more possibilities with web development. With the growing number of connections built with the use of websites, business can have lots of opportunity in finding their niche online. The question lies on the kind of website you should develop.

Considering the competition online will make you look for a perfect website that can lead your business to success. It is not too late to decide for a business to take one-step forward in the competition. Listed below are some types of website that can grow your business in the most convenient ways. Also included in the list are the functionalities that you can add up to have effective online presence.

  • e-Commerce Website
  • If you are looking forward to an advanced way of selling and purchasing products, then e-Commerce website is right for your needs. It is one of the effective types of website in displaying products and services in a comprehensive and visual manner. High quality products are displayed with descriptions that can persuade online buyers

    1. Payment gateways are very essential in terms of having an e-Commerce website. This will serve as a reliable process and terms of online payment when consumer purchases items. It keeps consumer’s payment process secured. PayPal, Amazon Payments and Dwolla are some examples of payment gateway used in an e-Commerce site.
    2. Tools that are used in this type of website ranges from different e-Commerce platforms that serves as an effective Open Sources eCommerce (OSC) shopping carts for an organized web development process.

  • Corporate/Company Website
  • Company uses corporate website to display their corporate identity for online users to browse information about them. It is used to show the company’s mission and vision wherein it serves as a Public Relation strategy—connecting the company to the public. It serves as the online brochure accompanying online users looking for information about an organization or company. It also serves as the company portfolio when it comes to providing news about improvement and success stories that they have.

    1. Corporate sites differ from other websites in terms of its specific function: to give information and updates for employees, investors, suppliers, potential clients and partners about necessary improvements and even job offer.
    2. Interactive features for a corporate website includes publication of newsletters and blogs that allows subscriptions and commenting. It is also helpful for a corporate website to integrate google maps and its social media sites to add up interactions.

  • Web Portal
  • Web Portal is a type of website that functions similarly with business, government, organization and school portals in terms of engaging with users. Using this will give access and privilege to employees in the company while having more collaborative projects with other businesses in an organized way. It is an effective tool for companies that have wide range of services, which also deals with a large size of employees internally and externally exploring the business environment. It is usually made for business that has private functions but has larger scope. If you have a large company or planning to have business in a wider scope this kind of website is applicable for your need.

      Take away:
    1. It functions differently from corporate website in terms of connecting people, where in it requires authorization by providing access to information. Having login and registration functions allows people to browse the website exclusively—as a member of the company/organization. It is a gateway for employees, members and staffs to have a personal subscription to different applications, meetings and even exclusive events done inside the company.

    Building your online presence comes with a huge step forward for your company. Maximize the opportunity of having a website that can accurately portray and promote your business. In so doing, there are many types of sites that you can choose from, find out how to use it and how it can fit your business endeavours.

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