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Learning M.A.T.H. for Web Development

According to the 2013 AT&T Small Business Technology Poll almost two-thirds (67%) of businesses have been using their website to promote products and services to customers. This shows that digital marketing can be one of the easiest and helpful startup for your business endeavors. Digital marketing process ranges from building online presence, connecting to people and continuous maintenance. In this article, we are to elaborate four things that can serve as your “go-signal” in creating website for your online presence. These are the M.A.T.H. for Web Development.

What is M.A.T.H. for Web Development?
First, web development in this article represents the total creation of your online presence. The process that does not only talks about coding, programming and designing. It is about marketing the business through an active website, then targeting consumers and maintaining your connections by hanging out with them.

  • Marketing matters
    • Creating a website means, you are starting to jump into another marketing strategy. You will be using another platform to reach your target audience and it is through digital marketing. First, you need to settle the products and services you will offer to online consumers. It is a marketing plan that will let you see the differences you have from other competitors that is already present online. Adjust the plans made through the competition that you foresee, this will help you create more opportunities for the target market. Creating strategies and predicting its outcome will make you sure that every step can work.

  • Active website
    • After having your marketing plans and knowing your business competition, you are now ready to have your business website. There are many types of website online, choose the one that will fit your business needs and will portray your image. Website should be unique yet active and attractive. Find your niche online by developing a website that can deliver fast, functions well and actively interact with users. Let your customer browse your website in a creative and interactive ways with explicit functionalities and remarkable designs.

  • Target your market
    • According to Interconnected World: Shopping and Personal Finance study last 2012, 61% of global internet users research products online. This means that your website should target your market by being searchable online. Marketing strategies should work; attracting users to visit your site is the challenge. With the same study, 44% of online shoppers use search engines to find relevant products that they need. Keywords input in the search engine will then index the most searchable website. In order to be visible, you must have strategies that can optimize your website. Look into details especially the designs, functionality and contents that you publish on the web.

  • Hangout
    • Your target market should notice your online presence not only with search engine sites, but also through active engagements and discussion with online users. Hanging out with your consumers will give you the chance to know them better especially their needs. Knowing your customers needs will help you adjust the services that you offer. This is where social media sites become an advantage. Having your company page present in Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and even LinkedIn can give you opportunities to get more connections and interactions with your target market—consumers, partners, advertisers, etc. Learning how to effectively hangout with them ranges from creating persuasive copies, essential advertisements to moving social campaigns that will encourage more people to connect with your business.

    The process of selling your business to people and gaining profit from it should be effective as possible. The strategy of launching your business online becomes a jumpstart all the way to success. Make sure that you will manage it with positive outcome, mission-driven yet open to suggestions tactics. Learn new things in order to find effective business results that you deserve.

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