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Web Development: Effective Tools in Creating Website Wireframes

What are wireframes?

Wireframes serves as the backbone of every web development project that involves visual outlook of pages being made. It consists of design plans that will be used in the project a designer is working on from page elements, labels, titles, content text and images. It serves to be the map of the systematic process of web development including its functions, structure and the content a web page may contain.

In the fast-paced technology, developers and designers find ways to have more projects that are productive even in having documentation. Documentation serves as the foundation on how a project will look like after the whole production. Here is where wireframes becomes essential. Through this, plans will be discussed in a more comprehensive and visual way for clients. Another benefit of wireframes is the convenience it provides for developers and designers to have an organized and simplified elements and contents placed in layout forms intended to provide for clients.

In this article, we will provide selections of tools that give benefits for developers, designers and even clients in productive web development projects. Listed below are some of the effective tools in creating website wireframes:

  • BalsamiqIn terms of collaboration, working with clients and other programmer, balsamiq becomes an essential tool for wireframing and mock up that has high focus on usability and productivity. This low-fidelity wireframing tool is considered fast for wireframes of any kind of software interface for desktop, web and even mobile. Keeping updates about this product will never be a hassle because balsamiq has a large community accessible on different social networking sites that can help and answer your needs. A trial version for Windows is available to be downloaded at their site.
  • OmniGraffleAnother efficient wireframing tool for web projects that is available for mac is the OmniGraffle. This tool can be used for many purposes yet caught developer’s attention in terms of organizing visual outlook of a web page or wireframes with drag-and-drop WYSIWYD interface feature. It is produced, developed and maintained by Omni Group—application software developer for Mac, iPhone and iPad—since 1994. From simple task like organizing the labels and hierarchy of tabs to drawing and sketching plans for the whole web pages, OmniGraffle gives ease to designing pages. OmniGraffle version 6.0.3 for Mac can be downloaded in their site.
  • Axure RPBuilding simple wireframes and prototypes without any single line of code is possible with Axure RP Wireframe Software. This platform has three (3) easy steps in creating website wireframe: (1) Adding widgets to design wireframe by choosing from drop lists, placeholders, radio buttons, etc; (2) Using formatting options to add color, fonts, line thickness, etc. as the visual outlook of widgets; (3) Linking pages and interactions to demonstrate scenarios and animations. All these are made without codes just sketches and drawings. There is a free 30-day trial available in the site for Mac and PC.
  • Wireframe CCWireframe cc. is known to be a minimal wireframing tool that is easy and simple to use. It offers a clutter-free environment by easily sketching ideas. Easier annotation about your messages and comments are also available. It is an instant wireframing tool where in no downloading is required and is accessible in browsers.

    A web development project becomes more productive with tools that can provide ease and flexibility. As web developers and designers, you should know how to present credible projects with organized documentations and even plans for the first phase of production. Clients can relate their ideas if they can perceive positive visual output in web projects they want to have. Web development is still part of their marketing plan; make sure that your plans for them can be ahead of what they expect to have. Use wireframe tools that can provide easy visualization and organized plans for website productions.

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    • Mike Kostrey

      OmniGraffle is what we use, and it is really nice. It also works well with Apple Scripts, which allowed us to build a script that counts how many of each element we have on the page. This is really nice when we are planning and budgeting the project.

    • Web Outsourcing Gateway

      It’s nice to here it from you. Thank you for sharing. By the way, it is true, when we prepare a plan and budget for our project. These tools help us to think what we can use in creating wireframes.