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Web Design Trends: Creative and Interactive User Experience

Innovation comes from every style and form, and it is important to consider the user experience in different web development changes. Significantly, in every web designer’s point of view, applying web development trends still varies on how it affects the user’s website experience.

One of the most vital roles of web design is the look and feel of the website and how will it change the mood of a viewer. Moreover, having a website that is creative or interactive is a big challenge for designers when they should be focusing on a great user experience and not good design alone. Here are two design trends that can make your website attractive and your user’s browsing experience more interactive.

Web design Creativity as Simple as Flat.

When it comes to web design, people just can’t get enough talking about flat design—icons, buttons and whole website using flat styles. It has been extremely popular especially when the three information technology giants—Microsoft, Google and Apple (iOS7)—utilized the beauty and simplicity of flat designs. Flat designs means no drop shadows, bevels, embossing, gradients or other tools that add depth, giving design a crispy and lighter look. (

Websites moving forward with a minimalistic web design approach means being simple as flat. Thus, there are things you must focus on when you use this kind of style. Using flat design will let you focus on the color, typography and words. Colors may attract your users, so make sure that color schemes differentiates buttons and call-to-action graphics included in your website. Mix and match background and graphics with color blocking or retro colors are famous in this type of style. Typography used is simple when you utilize the effectiveness of sans serif typefaces. Make sure that your contents are easy to read and it matches the theme of simplicity. Lastly, focus on words that you use, be straightforward yet attention grabber. Make sure that everything is easy to understand, let your user feel the creativity and simplicity while enjoying the experience of browsing the whole site.

Interactive Media, Interactive Web Design.

According to Marcin Treder, CEO of UXPin, one of the most used methods in web design offered by HTML5 is the use of large video as the background of a site. This method is an interactive way of promoting a website and its features, while connecting more users to the content. Having this kind of design will let your website endorse user engagement and create unforgettable, emotional messages. (Treder, 2013)

This web design trend can be a powerful tool of visual communication because of the fact that a video can actually present a product, service or brand in an interactive way. However, it certainly cannot work in all kinds of website but works more effectively for entertainment or promotional corporate settings. Promote your new product or featured services in a more interactive way by creating relevant and interesting video as your website background. Make use of the possibility of attracting more people and create more engagements with your web design. With video background, the visual appearance of your website can add dynamic user experience.


Lead complexity to simplicity by being creative and interactive. Make more interesting user experience, which can lead to successful web design. Utilize the resources of developing your creativity and let your imagination be felt by your website users. These trends may be a big help for you to have an innovative kind of website with extraordinary user experience.

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