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Q&A: Web Designer’s Guide for More Productive Projects

When it comes to website design, most of the time people already have basic ideas regarding their websites. This varies from design, colors, style and function as the output of a project. Looking for a web designer and hiring them to do all the work can be a misconception for clients because they are dependent on almost everything. Because of this, a project becomes harder to achieve. Nevertheless, what can make you more productive as a designer is to have list of questions that can help you and your client work on the same phase without the hassle of miscommunication.

This article will provide you the areas that you should look up to when outsourcing a website project and some questions that you might want to ask your clients as you develop their website and online presence.

Goals and Functions

  • What are the primary goals of your website?

Knowing the primary goals of clients will make you decide on what type of website you will produce. Website goals may be to sell, to inform, to engage with users, for personal use, for company use and more. With this, you will have an idea if you are to build e-Commerce website, informational site, social networking site, blog/diary site, company portal, etc. Because of the information provided, you can prepare for the pages that will be included in the website–homepage, contact information, product page, and others.

  • Who are your target audiences?

There is a large impact when you know the target audience of a website that you will produce. Clients rarely know the differences of each website, with this you must ask them who will benefit from the site and how will they work. Navigation of the website also depends on who will use it.

  • How much time do you want to invest on the project?

You must know the timeline for the whole project from conceptualization up to maintenance. This can lead you into a more systematized and organized way of putting things altogether.

  • Do you have any reference when it comes to the design of your website?

If the client does not provide you answer regarding this and s/he wants a website that is unique and different from others, you need to provide set of examples. Moreover, it is very important for you to have featured projects or portfolio that can serve as a reference for your clients.

Identity and Branding

After having ideas on how the website will be, you must also look unto the possibility of building their brand awareness.

  • What will be the look of your company logo?

Some companies already have their logo, but what will be the challenge for you is to adapt the color scheme of the company logo that will relate and suit the website. In some cases, people will want to have a logo that will reflect their company made from scratch. Make sure that you know the taste of your client by asking him/her the visual outlook. It is better to study all information about the client you are going to handle, this will give you a hint on what visual appearance that can state what their company is. You will provide the visual aspects from logo, tagline, colors, typeface and slogan that can form their corporate identity.

  • What is the mission and vision of the company?

For you to know who your client is, have a company background check. Know what they are up to, by asking what visions they have as a whole and the mission they are looking forward.

Contents and Social Engagements

Having the idea about the contents you will be producing for one website can make you plan for output that is more creative when it comes to graphics, images and texts published for the whole website.

  • What information you want to provide your customers?

The content marketing of the whole website will also be your concern because of the fact that you will organize contents. From headlines through the body of any contents that will be placed. Have time to ask your clients what will they provide their customers, may it be images of products, long articles, blog posts, videos, infographics and other promotional materials. It will help you to know what tool to use in managing website content, such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.

  • Do you have any existing marketing strategy that you want to apply on your site?

It is a good thing if your clients already have marketing strategies, which will make it easier for you to follow those techniques and tactics. It can be email marketing, newsletter, e-book, referrals that can make their website more functional for customers.

  • Is there any other platform you want to publish your content?

Platform here are different social networking sites that will help your client build more connections in terms of their social engagements. Having this in mind, you might probably need to integrate chosen social networking sites button for the whole website contents. It is one way to connect your clients to their customer.


Are you going mobile? Ask your client this bonus question that will make you look up to a more innovative way of providing them a mobile website services that can lead them to more engagements. It is important to give your client something that they are not yet familiar. Show your client more than they can imagine, it is like offering more of your capabilities while creating more opportunities for them.


As a web solution provider, you must know your clients very well. Questions may arise every now and then but it will be your edge if you are preparing for the first steps of your journey. It is like looking forward in order to stay ahead in the competition while leading your clients into their own success. You are the one who will build their relationship with their own customers online, make use of every possible way to make it last. Asking your clients what they need will minimize your time guessing the output of your project. Knowing the answers of your customers to every questions can help you do everything the way they wanted it to be.

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