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Single-Page Design: Digital Trend for a Creative Website

Simplicity of a website merely depends on the elements seen on a page. A Single-Page website is one of the simplest forms of a minimalist approach when it comes to web design. It allows viewers to scroll on a one-page website with all the information for specific needs without changing pages. Just like websites with infinite scrolling, designers consider single page website to let users navigate contents on a single page. Thus, single page website has an end and should have straightforward areas.

Moreover, this web design has been a trend for many years now and has been catching the attention of different brands, which purpose is to promote products and services with specific needs. Some people also use single page website design for portfolio or displaying simple information. It could be an invitation to a party, a teaser of a newly produced film or even new downloadable mobile applications.

However, there are some points that you might want to consider before using single page website. Just like other trends, applying this design in a website is not applicable especially when you are targeting to publish loads of contents.

  • Visual Elements

First impression lasts and it is a challenge for designers to catch the attention of viewers in a short span of time. If you plan to create a single page website, you must consider having great photographs and visually appealing graphics. It is important to focus on the right images that will show what kind of website you are providing to your viewers. Photographs and graphics should relate to what your website is trying to present. Make sure that you are not only catching their attention, focus on one thought to lessen their confusion.

  • Minimal Text

A single page website should be visually appealing. It should not contain loads of contents, which can be scattered around your whole website. Viewers might leave the page when they find it boring and confusing killing their time while browsing. Create contents that are easy to understand yet eye-catching and informative. Examples of effective strategies in this kind of web design approach are promotional copies or interactive storytelling.

  • Clear Navigation

Because of a single page view, visitors must know how to navigate a single-page website, is it scrollable, clickable or does each button and graphics will lead to another contents. Make sure that leading to other web page or sites are stated when visitor click on a certain portion. It might cause confusion if they click a specific button and downloaded offers without knowing the process. Have a clear map to direct viewers in the right process of how things work in the website.


Aesthetically presented portfolios, interactive Infographics and promotional products are just examples of effective single page website that utilize the advantage of leading viewers to a specific purpose. Dealing with this kind of design should clearly state that the website you are planning to develop is to inform rather than adapting to the trend and producing confusion.

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