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Web Design Movement: Trends that Move your Website to Success

Being globally competitive, websites are built differently depending on the needs of the target market. Thus, it’s been a trend for designers to cope up with new features and designs when talking about web design. We already know that a website should have relevant contents, effective typography, attractive large images and most especially responsive in all platforms.

Moreover, Web design should be more than just simple as that. It is the reason why many designers change to a newer scheme that helps websites move closer to success. While your website becomes responsive and effective, you might want to consider these trends that can help your web design stand out once more. Let’s move forward to the different web designs that might suit the needs of your website and your viewer’s experiences.

Parallax Scrolling

This design has been known for many years and used by game developers. It is an effective style that makes your users feels that they are part of the website. It uses multiple backgrounds that move at different speeds that creates 3D effect. It is a layer of images that gives a creative illusion while showing contents and information on your website. Contents should be specific and concise, making the website more interactive.

NOTE: Use parallax scrolling creatively, this make product launching and storytelling more interactive and attractive. Because of its 3D effect, graphics and images can move across the whole page.

Infinite Scrolling

This design can also be considered as website design that has endless pages. To easily understand, it makes every content load without changing pages. Most often than not, people who uses infinite scrolling helps them continue what they are looking for without the hassle of clicking to the next page. Famous social media sites that use this kind of design are Pinterest and Twitter which has been giving a great user experience that allows content to keep it loading while scrolling without reloading the page.

NOTE: This kind of design works for websites that focuses on photos plus stories rather than words alone. Make your contents visually appealing and can be easily understand for great user experience.

Single-Page Web Design

One page website has been helpful for users who are not fond of waiting for contents to load. Use this approach when you intend to lead users in their specific needs. This design works more often for designers that shows their portfolio or websites that has fixed contents for their target market. Contents are connected and can be viewed while scrolling vertically or horizontally. It differs from Parallax and infinite scrolling in the way contents are being viewed in certain sections of the website on the same page. It also focuses on the quality not the quantity so make sure that your website has high quality contents for better results.

NOTE: Single-Page web design works with anything that is not heavy on content. Be straightforward and specific on the contents that you will use.

Metro Design

It is an art style created by Microsoft as an official design language for Windows Phone, Xbox 360 Dashboard and Windows 8. According to Microsoft, metro is inspired by the simplicity of road signs and visual symbols. It is like minimalism approach where in the website is trying to be simple with no contents cluttered all over.

NOTE: Using this design will make your website look sharp and clean.

Fixed Header

Having your header fixed in your website makes your users enjoy browsing because they can easily navigate your site. While they are scrolling down and looking for information about your website, they can easily go back at the top or change pages. Most social networks and blogs have fixed header bar with a main menu on it which helps visitors navigate sites without wasting time scrolling back at the top of the page.

NOTE: Combine this fixed header to previous mentioned design to make user experience more effective. Websites having this design makes it more attractive and easy to navigate.


Being innovative means being ready to adapt to the directions of improvement that websites are taking place. While you are aiming to be an effective website, make sure that the user experience is as effective as having a good design and can help you drive traffic to your sites. Not because a new design is trending does not mean that you have to adapt to it right away. Make sure that it really suits the need of your website; learn the advantages and disadvantages of each design so that you will know what is best for you.

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