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Outsourcing Philippines: Looking Beyond the Perspective of Contact Centers

In the Philippines, contact center or call center is what initially comes into mind when talking about BPO. This is because the call center industry allowed the Philippines to stand out and to continuously become one of the global leaders in this outsourcing arena. The BPO growth in the country attributed to the demand of contact centers and call center agents. However, the country offers more than voice operations. Choose among these BPO sectors and venture onto the skills and expertise of Philippine Outsourcing.

Creative and IT Services- this BPO sector concerns services that wrap design and technology in one. Clients can and will always find providers in the Philippines that can render services in animation, graphic design, web design, web development, online marketing, software development, and audio-video production.

Knowledge and Content Outsourcing- contracting out any knowledge and information-related business activities falls under Knowledge and Content Outsourcing. It involves tasks in copywriting, content writing, and research & development.

Legal Services Outsourcing- the world of Law is another daunting task for organizations. Outsourcing some legal activities reduces burden from the contracting client. Legal services that can be outsourced are legal transcription, contract drafting, litigation support, and legal document review among others.

Healthcare Information Management- converting speech into text and documenting medical papers cause so much time for medical institutions. Attentive and patient BPO talents are readily available in the Philippines to fill the spaces of Medical Transcription and Documentation sector.

Human Resources Outsourcing- recruiting and training large number of workforce could translate into wasted money if these efforts were not properly planned and coordinated. Seeking help from HR Outsourcing companies in the Philippines alleviates the chance of recruiting, processing, and training the right people in the right time. Philippine HR Outsourcing companies offer range of services from recruitment, employment papers processing, to compensation and benefits analysis, and training.

Financial and Accounting Services- a failed business accounting is near to business death. Get hold of sound ideas of Filipino accountants and actuaries with above-average knowledge in handling financial analysis and accounting management.

Engineering Services- recently, Philippine Outsourcing introduced the farming out of civil and architectural works and electronic designs. Philippines has produced and is continuously producing Architecture/Engineering graduates and professionals whose works can be levelled with international counterparts; no doubt that Philippine architects and engineers are well-liked in the global scene.


Outsourcing in the Philippines is a proof that we now live in a borderless world promoting a level playing field. The Philippines is continuously extending its outsourcing success to foreign companies by providing cut above the rest services not only in Contact Centers but beyond its perspective. The seven BPO sectors enumerated above is a sign that the Philippines will constantly find ways in developing BPO as a robust industry. Being robust as it is, clients can only have but an access to cost-effective BPO services.

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  • Michael Bian

    Outsourcing has grown in importance today…

  • Michael Bian

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