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Hashtag Facebook: Social Media Integration effective for Link Building

Social media marketing through the use of different social networking sites have been one of the latest trends for digital marketers. Not only can it expose the brand of different products but also influences the perceptibility in search engines through the use of important keywords. SEO can now be possible because social media easily index contents faster. Also likes, retweets and shares pertain to the fresh and exciting feeds that eventually increases page ranks.

Aside from the fact that Facebook is one of the most visited sites online, it’s the platform that give way to increase search rankings because of its endless new features. It was recently concluded in Facebook Reports in the First Quarter 2013 Results that almost 665 million daily active users have been using Facebook each day with the increase of 26% compare to earlier year. Thus, expand the opportunity to make company and brands find its marketing niche because of Facebook newly adopted feature—trending Facebook Hashtags.

Similar to other growing Social Media Marketing sites like Twitter, Tumblr or Pinterest, hashtags will now be clickable and searchable on Facebook. It will allow people to add context to a post or indicate a larger scope of discussion that will make brand be discoverable by more potential clients. Thus, making search engine optimization expose Facebook Page to Facebook’s entire user base. According to Facebook’s Greg Lindley, this new feature is just one way of helping people discover more easily what others are saying about a specific topic for public conversations and also to businesses and brands.

Naturally, you can link Facebook pages by posting “@” together with the full name of the brand, but now, Facebook makes it easier by allowing people to click the hashtag that you use. Hashtags was utilized on the rise and popularity of Twitter with the famous # (sharp/number sign) symbol. It enables users to follow specific topics of selected conversation by active users. It has been established to be an accessible system for social networking users to join different forums in real time.

Opportunity comes to those who patronize.

For link building, hashtags can give way to the ideas of consumers talking about the products and services you offer. If people talk about them more often, there is a tendency that it will increase their popularity and can attract more people. Also, it’s another way to notice if someone needs a customer service. Since hashtags can be used as a public domain, companies can now attract customers for possible partnership or service for related matters while building links.

Here are some points to ponder when using Facebook hashtags:

Trendsetter. Just like Twitter, this new feature may measure trending topics based on the use of hashtags of Facebook users in the near future. The more people talking about your company, the more opportunity for you to be one of the trending topics that can get the attention of active users. So it’s better to think for a positive conversation starter to make this feature more convenient for your company’s awareness techniques.

Hush tags. Do not place half a dozen hashtags in Facebook post to avoid spam. It could destroy the chance of people reading your posts because of the tags you use. Try to be general yet concise, being broad and cohesive in your status update or posts will give you the benefit to be seen in different conversations. It may connect your Facebook page to relevant topics and also adds up interest to your readers.

Dig a little deeper. There’s no harm in finding out first the most used tags by active users. This will notify you what terms to use, because sometimes people use tags that can give negative impact and only trends because of the destructive idea it has. As advised by Bizzy Coy, creative supervisor, in an article, people should use hashtags that will engage existing fans and reach new followers. “Overloading your posts with hashtags will disengage your fans, but eschewing [avoiding] them entirely could result in missed opportunities,” he added.


For now, Facebook hashtags is on the process of developing its advanced features which will make it easier for companies to utilize, for SEO and social media optimization purposes. This hashtag revolution may be new for users—especially for businesses’ social media marketing strategies—taking chances is one way of improving. Adapting new platforms is another way, this will allow companies to expose their brand but with intensive care, because privacy is another issue. Also, being responsible Netizen (Internet Citizens), we must always think before we click. Being viral means being worth it, the exposure that your website will acquire using social media should protect not only the page but also the credibility of the whole company.

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