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Social Media Marketing: To Outsource or Not to Outsource?

Though it is closely associated with SEM and SEO, social media marketing (SMM) has been creating a buzz in the Internet marketing industry since the growing popularity of Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube, Pinterest, etc. became very obvious. Today, SMM is already emerging as one of the hottest trends in Internet marketing.

Aside from the fact that social media has a number of users worldwide, one reason, why SMM is becoming famous among marketers nowadays, is that it’s a lot cheaper than any form of paid advertising. It only uses social media sites to establish online presence, gain more followers and connect to customers. Most of these social sites are free, but they also offer paid ads for companies that wanted longer and wider online presence. Social media marketing, though relatively new in the advertising and promotion industry, is also one of the best strategies for website promotion, especially when it’s integrated with SEM or SEO campaign.

While social media marketing can be done by in-house staff, just like any IT services, it can be outsourced to marketing experts too. However, just because it is a trend, it does not mean that you have to go with flow. You have to think and plan before asking the help of outside vendors. We have compiled some pros and cons that might guide you in making decisions.


It is handled by experts- one reason why we usually outsource is for us to access the expert manpower that we do not have in our respective companies. This is the same case when you are seeking the help of outsourcing companies to handle your social media marketing campaign. You need their skills and experience, especially if you are not quite familiar with how social media works, SMM professionals can help you with this.

It can save your time- if you are a small-time business owner, it can be so tiring to be the only one who is doing all the labor, and adding the task of managing your business’s social media accounts is another painful thing to do. Hence, it could also eat your time doing it all by yourself. But if you outsource your SMM specialist, you can save the time you spent in social media marketing and instead, just focus on the internal tasks of your business.

It reduces labor cost- seeking the advice of an SMM consultant is cheaper than hiring a full-time specialist to do the social media marketing for you. Furthermore, outsourcing your marketing campaign will also save you from employee’s benefit overheads like leaves, bonus and retirement fees.


Limited access to content/information- of course, the people, who know a lot of things about the company, are you and those who have been working for you. Appointing social media update tasks to an outsider may result to inadequate supply of content and information. Also, you need to screen what should be posted and should not be out in the public. But if you will do it, posting the events you have just attended or any newsworthy happening in your company is easy to do specially in real time.

It loses sincerity and personal touch- no one is as passionate and sincere about serving your customers as you are and your longtime in-house staff. Social media is not just about purely marketing, it also needs genuine sincerity and some personal attachment to the customers when updating company’s social media page or when interacting with your target market. Only you and your well trusted employees can give unpretentious honesty and passion to serving the customers.

Company’s brand is at stake- if your partnership with the outsourcing company you hired didn’t work well or goals and objectives were not clearly established, your brand maybe put in jeopardy..


“Social media marketing: to outsource or not to outsource?” It is only you who can answer this question, but whatever your decision would be, just make it sure that you have contemplated every advantage and disadvantage of outsourcing social media management before you finalize your decision.

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