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Outsourcing Social Media Marketing: Do’s and Don’ts

In our last article “Social Media Marketing: To Outsource or Not to Outsource?”, we have discussed the benefits and risks of handing the social media management task to a third-party vendor. So assuming that you have decided to use this outsourcing strategy, here are some of the best practices that you must take into consideration.


  1. Plan- planning is the basic assignment that must be done before doing anything that will affect your business as well as your life. Goals, objectives and strategies are determined during the planning stage of every project. It is the same thing when you decided to use the power of social media to leverage your presence on the Internet. Your goals and objectives must be clearly set before you create an account to any social networking sites. Write down what you want to achieve and the needs of your company, from that, you would know whether or not the help of an expert is still essential. Furthermore, it would be a lot easier to relay the things you want to accomplish to a social media specialist if you have already formulated your goals and objectives beforehand.
  2. Be honest about your needs- you should be truthful about the needs of your company when seeking the assistance of social media specialists. Be open about your requests, expectations and standards so that they can give you a real assessment and make the appropriate plan for you.
  3. Clearly establish the responsibilities- before signing the contract, make sure that both parties (you and the vendor) must clearly establish the responsibilities of each other. As a client, you should ask yourself what are your responsibilities to your outsourced partners. You should know the services you will be getting from them, and your partner should know if you have limitations i.e. access to content or the types of updates you want to share to your audience in social media.
  4. Choose the social media you want to use- just because there is a new social networking site on the Internet and it is quite getting popular does not mean that you have to switch on this and exploit it in every way. Choose only the social media that best suits your needs, target market and products or services.


  1. Not researching on the background of the outsourcing company- the first thing that you have to do before entrusting your SMM campaign to a vendor is to check the background of that company. Do not be misled with the flowery copy about their company.  Make a research to know if they are really expert in the field and registered to do such service.
  2. Not being open with your outsourcing partner- A two-way communication is very important in every kind of relationship. Thus, when you outsourced your SMM campaign to a third-party vendor, you have to be open with them. Tell them what they need to know about your business. Be honest about your budget and your limitations. This will promote transparency and understanding between you and your vendor.
  3. Not participating in creation and marketing process- just because you outsource this task does already mean that you or your company would no longer participate in the creation and marketing process. You need to stay engage in the process because no one knows your company better than you and your in-house employees. There should be a steady flow of communication between you and your outsourced partner so that they can use your industry knowledge in creating meaningful content for your target market.

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  • iam_kristine

    This article is really good! For those who will try to do outsourcing, this will be a big help. I heard that there’s a lot of company in Philippines can offer outsourcing. Thank you for posting this!