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How is Web Maintenance this 2013?

We are confronted with lots of innovations in the fields of Web Design and Web Development last 2012 and the preceding years. This 2013, we should also move up our mind-set on how we treat Web Maintenance.

Why and how these fields relate?

After exhaustive design and development, Web Maintenance is and will always be part and parcel of website process once your site gets up and live. You have to keep an eye onto the details within your site plus other factors beyond it that could affect your brand’s borderless platform.

1. Content Update to Symmetrical Feedback

Content update is one of the all-known methods of Web Maintenance. Residing on content update alone, however, could lead to unconscious disregarding of potential market needs.

Web Maintenance now should talk about Symmetrical Feedback with web visitors. Symmetrical Feedback encapsulates that you respond to users’ queries, acknowledge their suggestions or comments accordingly and as soon as possible. Symmetrical Feedback applies in any online medium that facilitates communication among your web visitors, your web moderators, and concerned web staffs.

Remember that this 21st Century, information travels fast and wraps in beautiful packages. It’s a necessity to maintain your site by delivering feedbacks in the right place and in the right time.

2. Compatibility to Responsiveness

Testing and maintaining the compatibility of websites on different browsers is classical yet all-time applicable Web Maintenance Practice. In today’s arena of “devices invading desktops,” you must also consider your site’s responsiveness on various platforms.

Maintaining a website translates into adjusting its features on what web users has. Responsive Website means that the important functionalities and information are still viewable and presentable when your site is viewed on smart phones, tablets, and netbooks.

You might not notice but most of our time is consumed on streets or outside our home territory taking with us our gadgets. You just can’t afford to lose a target client or reader merely because they can’t decipher what it is on your site.

3. Bugs Fixing to Website Image

We are born with the idea that Web Maintenance is basically about bugs and error fixing. Yes that’s the foundation. But now, the advanced perspective of Web Maintenance dwells on Website Image.

You maintain your site not only for the sake of bugs spotting and fixing. Your point of view should be—“I’ll make a serious effort on Website Maintenance because this could positively or negatively affect the image of my brand.” Your site’s image to its web visitors is weighted by identity (physical and aesthetic side) and reputation (visitors’ experience in using it). Website image then has a domino effect on the brand. And Web Maintenance is in-charge in taking care of that image.

Pondering on this, we can say that a well-maintained site generates a positive online image. Hence, your website is your brand’s borderless platform.

Web Maintenance Definition to embrace this 2013:

Web Maintenance is a holistic and continuous approach to managing the website (brand’s borderless platform) technicalities and enhancing users’ experience based on technological innovations and Information Communication Technology (ICT) tools available to target market.

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