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URL side of Web Maintenance

Uniform Resource Locator or URL is the address or reference of documents and pages in World Wide Web. URL is one of the basic pieces of Web Maintenance. But this is often neglected by web developers/administrators. Web surfers that we talked too cited their common observations toward URL Structures of sites they visited.

  1. URLs that consist of generic page names, e.g., page1/page/2.htm or dir3/dir4.htm
  2. Two URL versions pointing onto the same web page content

The Web Maintenance solutions to these issues are Descriptive as well as Simple-to-understand URL, 301 Redirect, and URL Canonization.

Descriptive and Simple-to-understand URL

Web Maintenance and SEO practices overlap when you construct a descriptive URL. Describing web pages via URL raises Web Maintenance since it organizes your site’s structure. This similarly credits SEO because descriptive URL notifies search engine robots and internet users about the web content. Other than that, using a descriptive URL is a bonus for web users. They will right away be informed what page they are on and what it is all about.

If you are a web developer, see if your site’s URLs are not just descriptive but also short and relevant. If we inject SEO to Web URL Maintenance, naming conventions should be keyword-enriched not keyword-stuffed. See samples below.

Descriptive, Simple URL: http:/ Generic, Complicated URL:

URL Canonization and 301 Redirect

There are instances when two URL versions appear in search results redirecting to the same web page content. The effect would be a divided page rank. Resolve this URL inconsistency by standardizing its structure or what we call as URL Canonization—the rel=”canonical”. It recognizes that syntactically opposite URLs are pointing to the identical web page content. Thus, URL Canonization provides one “authoritative” URL version.

For the user’s side, try to put 301 redirect. Google SEO starter guide defines 301 redirect as an HTTP status code that invites internet surfers move from the non-preferred URL onto the dominant URL. Here are common examples of two URL versions that would help you to acknowledge the much needed rel=”canonical” in Web Maintenance.

Ex.1: to

Ex.2: to


Web Maintenance is not only about technicalities such as bugs and errors. Sometimes it pays to look at the basic: URL structure. If you will take for granted this side, the tendency would be an imbalance and eventually slow shrinking of your site because this hurts Web Maintenance and SEO in totality plus it annoys search engine robots and human beings.

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