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Web Maintenance: A Necessity

Being a part of web development, web maintenance allows us to update content, modify the design and clean our website from possible bugs and viruses. However, once a website has gone live on the Internet, web maintenance is sometimes neglected or forgotten. Some website owners aren’t aware about its role to keep the website active, while others are thinking that it is just a waste of time and money. But with today’s trends on the Internet, web maintenance is quite inevitable, especially if you want to maximize the use of website as an online platform to promote and sell products/services, and reach your customers. Below are some of the reasons why web maintenance is a necessity.

  1. As you started owning a website, you are quite aware that you need to optimize it in order to establish online presence. But getting a rich amount of website traffic can’t be achieved overnight nor in a few days after your website has gone live. It takes a lot of time and SEO work before your website reaches the top search results of search engines. However, it will become a failure without web maintenance. Search engines use site’s content and updates to crawl and index your website. If you have a blog, but have not published new articles for a long period of time, certainly, search engines will lose interest in your blog because they love fresh content. Also, they give more importance to those websites which are regularly updated than those which are not maintained.
  2. Just like search engines, web visitors enjoy new contents. They always anticipate for new articles, especially if they are following your website or your blogsite. However, if your visitors will discover that your last article was posted ages ago, there’s a tendency that they won’t come back again. Why? Because in the first place, they visit your website for fresh information, thus, a website with outdated content is a turnoff for them. Losing regular visitors will result to dropping of your site’s traffic rate.
  3. As said earlier, web maintenance allows you to fix errors (i.e. broken links) and update information (i.e. new contact details). However, without maintenance, your site is in danger of earning a bad reputation. Outdated content, dead links and passé web design are indicators that a website is no longer being attended to. Thus, for loyal visitors and clients, this kind of website condition can put them in doubt about the quality of your service.

After investing too much on your website, certainly, you wouldn’t want to witness its downfall right away, would you? Thus, after launching your website on the Internet, it should be followed by web maintenance and it should be kept as long as your website is active, otherwise, your website will fallout even before you could get a return of investment.

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