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Offshore Outsourcing: 5Cs in choosing the destination and the organization

In our article about Offshore Outsourcing’s strategy and planning, we elicited the importance of aligning offshoring with the company’s SWOT and VMGO. We also cleared the contribution of having a communication plan in offshore outsourcing.

Let’s zoom in the situation. Hypothetically, offshoring will really help your business. How then you should choose the country (destination) and the BPO/ITO (organization)? What are the indicators that yes you’re on the right track?  The 5Cs below are our suggested criteria to mitigate the hurly-burly mode in choosing the offshore outsourcing destination and organization.

1. Culture

Culture refers to the cumulatively shared attitudes, behaviour, customs, and beliefs of a certain group or nationals. It’s good to know the culture of the country wherein you will entrust the offshored or outsourced business/IT process. Filipino Culture or Indian Culture per se has an impact on how the BPO/ITO employees in that country will work with you.  Filipinos are generally hospitable in dealing with people while Indians live in the philosophy “respect one another.” These cultural attributes are the macro generative criteria in selecting the right offshoring destination for your company. No one wants a devastated working relationship because of unadjusted cultural differences, which with respect to you as the client and to them as the supplier.

2. Clients

Look into the actual clients of your prospected offshore outsourcing company. Dig into its portfolio or the list of clients.  Don’t compromise on the case studies they will present. Clients in case studies might be fictional. It’s more realistic if you will view the organizations they worked with, what value they got or what they have to say. Clients or customers are the living proofs of excellence and quality.

3. Communication

Communication is part and parcel in any successful relationship, whether working relationship or personal relationship. Communication in view of offshore outsourcing comprises the communication structure and the communication facilities.  Before you get in any agreement, make sure that the communication practice is agreeable for both parties. Pick an offshoring company that has an honest and open communication process.

4. Choices

What do we mean by choices? This is not the “a, b, c” or “1, 2, 3” choices. The offshoring company must let you feel that you are being taken cared, you have a choice, you are free to decide, and the final decision is yours. Don’t settle for an offshoring business that has hidden agenda.

5. Cost

You get into offshoring because it can benefit the financial status of your company. Get your computations down and evaluate if the offer of the offshoring company is worthy.

These are just guides. Maybe just guides, but guides that will spell the difference between a decided and well-decided Strategic Offshoring.

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  • ClintonCampbell

    Lots of firms right now are on the lookout in direction of an offshore outsourcing business to fulfill their business specifications.

  • Otto Pacheco

    It’s good to know the culture of the country wherein you will entrust the offshored or outsourced business/IT process.

  • Brian Parker

    WOW! Great information about 5C! Yes, its very beneficial to choose any offshore outsourcing company. according to my business requirements i have to outsource my work to outsourcing companies. I had good experience with indian companies. i would recommend anyone to use indian outsourcing companies for their primary outsourcing solutions.

  • Web Outsourcing Gateway

    Thank you ClintonCampbell for reading this article. Indeed, there are a lot of business turning into offshoring outsourcing today because it is in demand and many businesses met their success through it.

  • Web Outsourcing Gateway

    Thank you Brian Parker. Yes, it is important to have an idea about offshoring outsourcing because it might help others too in their business.