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Offshore Outsourcing: It is how you think and plan

To become cost-effective, an American enterprise considers offshore outsourcing to the Philippines some of its IT needs.

Sounds that easy? Maybe not if they fail to think this way…

Strategic Thinking

Offshoring to the Philippines, India or to other outsourcing destinations requires strategic thinking.  Strategic thinking let you ponder on the long term effects, whether risk or harbour, of your offshoring effort. We can call this as Strategic Offshore Outsourcing.

The question is how you think strategically?

You start being strategic in offshore outsourcing when you scan your company in an organizational level. That is, you consider your organization’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats (SWOT) and Vision-Mission, Goals, Objectives (VMGO). Then audit your company’s operational performance. Operational performance audit enumerates your business activities and specifies the corresponding level of practice. This leads you in deciding which of your business activities are better to offshore.

Strategic Offshore Outsourcing is a proactive way of thinking. You can assure that your offshoring endeavour is aligned with the organization’s VMGO. From that you can discreetly pick the business operation that should be offshored which supports the attainment of your organization’s vision or goals.

Strategy to Communication Plan

Offshoring raises communication as one of the challenges. Communication practitioner in the Philippines Marcelino Ballesteros pointed in his AIJC Corporate Communication Module that “Strategic thinking and communication planning go hand in hand.” It’s critical to come up with a communication plan since offshore outsourcing is a long distance line of work. Offshoring Communication Plan facilitates the information flow and feedback between the two parties. It doesn’t have an exact format, and it depends on the structure of the organization or operation. Below are the fundamentals of an Offshoring Communication Plan.

  • Objectives (why will you come up with this plan?)
  • Communication Resources (available  resources of both parties and the mobilization of these resources)
  • Messages (expected messages to be communicated)
  • Frequency of Communication (how regular the correspondence will occur?)
  • Monitoring and Evaluation (improvement of communication and does the actual communication practice conforms to the desired method or is it actually helping the offshore outsourcing activity becomes efficient?)

Offshore Outsourcing is not merely asking an offshoring company from the Philippines or India to do the job for you. The decision to offshore should be in coherent with your company’s overall strategy and current operational situation. The success of offshore outsourcing might delve on the communication activity you set since you do it “off” from your country.

Are you ready for Strategic Offshore Outsourcing? Then think and plan…

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  • Matt John Canty

    Thank you for sharing,

    It is true that communication is easily overlooked, but the ability to communicate effectively is necessary to carry out the thoughts and visions of an organization to the people. The importance of speech and words whether through a paper or a voice is a communication medium to convey directions and provide synchronization. Without communication, there is no way to express thoughts, ideas and feelings.

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  • Brian Parker

    Yes you are right, proper research and planning is the base to get successful offshore development service.

  • Auggi Paulo

    indeed communication is very important between the people within the company or organization. in fact a good communication is a one great factor of a companies success. so if a company is planning to venture into offshore outsourcing, they should consider the communication skills of the people on that particular company or country.

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