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Web Design: A glance on Visual Architecture

What is Visual Architecture in Web Design?

Web Design and Visual Architecture—perhaps some of you find these terms the same. Web Design consists of basics specifically the Elements from colours, typography, layout, white space, images and Principles such as balance and proportion among others. Visual Architecture focuses on how you capture images, lay these on new media namely website or mobile, and the relationship of images with its corresponding text. Visual Architecture defined by Digital Web Magazine as the method of building visual information and balancing communication between images and words.

Why Visual Architecture is important in Web Design?

You only have few seconds to grab and sustain the attention of your readers. This generation’s folks are confronted with lots of information. Thus, they are prone to information confusion if your website’s visual information is cluttered. People normally do not “read” in whole what is in your site; what they do are scan and skim. Through Visual Architecture, you can attractively construct the images in your site and let these images talk to its text or caption.

How you can apply Visual Architecture in Web Design?

1. Rule of Thirds (photos, sketches, videos)

An all-text site is boring. Most of us perceive that way. Your site must have any of the following types of images: photograph, sketch, and video. Rule of Thirds is the intersection of three horizontal lines and three vertical lines in your lens, canvas, or screen. The take is: instead on the centre, place your main subject or the image strongest point in any of those intersecting lines.

Rule of Thirds defines your image’s message and meets the artistic objective. The image then is presented with influence.

2. Rule of Three (images, words)

Originally Rule of Three is applied in writing and graphic arts but now making its role in Web Design. It says that anything comes in three is attention-grabbing and effective. In writing we have introduction, body, and conclusion to organize the article’s thought. The memorable line of Julius Caesar also in three: I came, I saw, I conquered.

Rule of Three signifies progression and pattern. A concept that is good in Web Design to promote usability and to do away from straining the eyes of web surfers. Rule of Three instructs us to group or limit the images with words into three. This manner, you’re constructing the image and text more satisfying and memorable to the users. Users give enough attention both on the visual and text information because it is displayed by way of discernible chunks instead of tiring full blast.

As a web designer you should know when to stop and say more. As a web designer you are free to experiment and not totally confide yourself in these rules. As a web designer you must have an instinct onto what is beautiful and usable not only in your eyes but also in the eyes of your target web users. We wish you enough in your Web Design with Visual Architecture efforts. That is, enough to balance between art (the aesthetic side) and design (the solidity of the visual’s message).

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