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Outsourcing: It’s More Fun in the Philippines

The title sounds a little bit of the country’s tourism slogan. This article, however, does not talk about Philippine Tourism Industry. Instead, it tackles Philippine Outsourcing— why Outsourcing Philippines is more exciting than any other outsourcing destinations?

It is always written that Outsourcing in Philippines is the finest because of Philippine Outsourcing’s low cost rates and competent human resource. Truly enough that is proven.  On the other hand, this blog presents two untapped angles why it is more fun to experience Outsourcing Philippines. Lead your eye below to read the two succinct points.

Filipino Values

Hospitality, Endurance, the goal to Achieve, and the need for Progress—these are the general values that Filipinos have. The first two, Hospitality and Endurance, are categorized as the basic Filipino Values according to the study of Jaime Bulatao, a renowned Psychologist. Achievement and Progress, conversely, are values central to American Culture and adapted in Philippine Culture as stated by Sociologist Robin Williams.

What is now the connection to Outsourcing? Generally, Filipinos are hospitable and very warm in dealing with people. Their staying power is very strong. Filipinos always desire to accomplish something and they continuously seek for advancement. These four values are the spices to establish and sustain good working relationship. Building and maintaining relationship between an outsourcing company and its client are the intangible criteria for a successful as well as cut above outsourcing projects.

Workflow and Services Classifications

Outsourcing companies in the Philippines do not singly possess creative people. Philippine Outsourcing lays various workflow and services classifications for the convenience of clients from diverse cultures.


A number of Philippine outsourcing companies offer traditional outsourcing workflow model. Whereas, there’s co-creation process, that is, a work is originally outsourced by a client and its third party provider involves target consumers to achieve more user-focused output. Alternatively, other outsourcing businesses combine the idea of outsourcing and offshoring.

Services Classifications:

Most of the time we only procure an outsourcing service that our company “currently” needs.  However, when a business function is outsourced in the Philippines you can encounter package deals. Eventually, you will realize that the services consist in that package are worthwhile in long term point-of-view and more relevant in your business. In the same way, outsourcing services in the Philippines have numerous service approaches to suit the budget of a small and medium enterprise or large company.

You might utter that outsourcing destinations in some countries have unique values too. You might also state that these outsourcing destinations similarly deliver the services classifications I stated above. But the thing, it is inherent in Philippine Outsourcing to have an outsourcing culture that most us desire—low cost rates, skilled workers coincide with the heart and passion for clients through Filipino values plus the ingenious choices it forwards.

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  • John Stevens

    That’s why more and more Business man are likely doing Outsourcing in the Philippines because of their ways to ensure they deliver the most effective marketing to their clients.

  • Katrina Saradpon

    Outosurcing is widely known here in the Philippines because of Filipinos have good communication skills.

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  • alice

    Great article, Philippines has always been competitive in BPO business. Love to hear more articles from you.