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SEO Press Release (Part 1): An Overview

What is a Press Release?

A press release is a written or recorded statement or official announcement, which is prepared and circulated to the press or news media. The purpose of a press release is to announce a story that is newsworthy so that a certain product, service or event would gain publicity through the attention drawn by the media. Press release also uses the media for information dissemination, but how it differs to copywriting and article marketing?

Press Release Writing vs. Copywriting and Article Marketing

In our previous article “SEO: Article Marketing,” we identified the difference between copywriting and article marketing. In a quick summary, copywriting is the creative writing of text content or copy for the promotion of a person, a business and events. The main purpose is to persuade the audiences, customers, readers and other stakeholders to patronize what is being advertised. Whereas, article marketing involves the activity of writing industry related content, to be distributed and published in the marketplace. Both activities also use traditional (radio, TV and print) and online media for marketing, advertising and promotion purposes.

Although, press release utilizes the same mediums of communication and has the same goals, it is somehow different in its format. A press release is written in news format and sometimes, in the form of feature story, as it wants to deliver news or events happening to a personality, company and/or government agency by distributing it to the reporters, editors etc. It also contains basic information that a reporter may use to develop news or feature stories.

A press release is sometimes called as a news release, media release, press statement or video release. It is a common practice in the field of public relations. Traditionally, press releases are mailed or faxed to newspapers, magazines, radio stations and TV networks to publicize a news item from a firm, a person or a government agency. But since the inception of the Internet, press releases are no longer limited to traditional media only. Today, press releases are also submitted to the World Wide Web.

Online Press Release

The Internet definitely changes our way of living. From selling of goods/services on public places to selling them in the World Wide Web to online marketing to mobile websites, everything has extremely evolved, including press release submission and distribution.

Because of the emergence of websites, newswire services are also mushrooming on the Internet. Some newswire services are fee-based, while others are offering free services for news distribution. Thus, there’s an alternative way of press release distribution for small businesses. A press release which is distributed in the World Wide Web is called “online press release.” An online press release helps the companies get a valuable publicity and wider media exposure. Through the use of the Internet, it can gain worldwide exposure.

However, one must realize that writing press releases for online distribution and being published on news sites are not enough to gain favorable public attention. Again, what is the use of having a compelling news release if it does not reach your readers via organic searches? Thus, search results from search engines must be taken in consideration too! With these, the idea of SEO Press Release comes in.

SEO Press Release

An online press release which is written in an SEO approach to rank well on search engines is called “search engine optimized press release or SEO press release.” And since it is a keyword-rich online press release, it provides quality backlinks to your website that can improve search engine rankings. And if you haven’t realized the many benefits of an optimized press release to your search engine optimization campaign yet, below are some key advantages of submitting a newsworthy SEO press release.

  1. It helps you to establish online presence by making your company visible on search engines.
  2. It drives traffic to your website.
  3. It can give you possible media coverage and quality backlinks from credible news sites.
  4. It can enhance your brand reputation by submitting newsworthy SEO press releases.
  5. It opens the opportunity to establish relationship with potential clients or strategic partners by making yourself visible to them.

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