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Search Engine Optimization: Ethical Practices in Off-Page Optimization

Search Engine Optimization starts from On-Page Optimization (page title, meta-description, text content, images, sitemap, navigation, URL). Off-page Search Engine Optimization though completes the whole pie of SEO. It is the “better half” of On-page Search Engine Optimization. Off-page Optimization is anything that you do outside your web page (link building) to increase ranking in Search Engine Results Page or SERP. This translates that Off-page does not controlled by your codes. To give you a logical view, here are several tools for or practices of building links through Off-Page Search Engine Optimization.

  1. Press Release and Online Directory Submission
  2. Article Marketing and Guest Blogging
  3. Blog and Forum Commenting
  4. Engagement and Integration of  Social Media (SNS, Blogs, Social Bookmarking and News, Media Sharing)

Those are not merely practices; it should be ETHICAL practices. White Hat and Black Hat Search Engine Optimization are associated most of the time to On-page Optimization. These “hats” talk about the ethical and unethical methods of integrating and organizing keywords in websites. Off-page SEO does too have ethical practices to ponder.

1. Decide which Off-page Optimization Tools to be utilized

Take a look again at the tools we listed above. Which are applicable to your company or your website? It is not always appropriate to exploit all these tools. Think the website/company image you want to impress and number of human resources who will execute these tasks. Is it relevant and enough? A grocery business might only need online directory, press release, and social media to leverage its Search Engine Optimization and Off-line Marketing.

2. From choosing SEO Tools to selecting specific link building sites or platforms

Let us assume that you already finalize the tools you will use: social networking sites, online directory and press release submission, blog commenting. The next question is which specific sites and platforms wherein you will perform your Off-page Search Engine Optimization? For SNS is it Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or combination of three. Be definite and careful in the blog, forum, and article marketing sites you will consume. It is better if the platforms are reputable and with good page rank. Off course the contents should be relevant to your own.

3. Read the Rules and Regulations

Check the ins and outs, the dos and don’ts before entering to a platform. The list of rules might be very long, yet it will shield you in the long run. Several blog sites disallow using keywords in name. You pick, indulge your day’s minutes in reading the regulations or months/years of blocking and prohibition. The first one is lesser head ache.

4. Do not comment or publish just for the sake of dropping “comments”

Have you ever seen comments or snippets (for SNS) like these: Thank you for this one, nice. Read, this is a great post. Do not simply say that. It does not add value to an intelligent conversation. It will affect your image. The article or comment can be really great and nice, but do inject a few salient points and which part that totally moves you as a reader.

5. Do not interact just for the sake of making “sales”

I see some comments in forum sites that straightly initiate sales. Please do not make this as a habit unless they are really asking for a specific service that your product can offer.  In forums, make sure that your answer is relevant to the question. In guest blogging and article marketing, craft interesting information about the field you are into. BUILD RELATIONSHIP. Links and sales will just follow—not that prompt although.

6. Respect is the key! It is how you say it

Initiating and extending unhealthy arguments are big no-no in Off-Page Search Engine Optimization. Respect the opinions and ideas of others. Properly deliver your thoughts if you think that it is necessary to defend and explain. Unhealthy arguments are no good in Search Engine Optimization.

7. Stand Out—Sustain. Sustain. Sustain.

How you will stand out or at least one of those who stand-out? Sustain your interaction with the tools and specific platforms you chose for your Search Engine Optimization. Being with your article, blog, forum, press release, online directory sites for years will reward you with good plus solid shot provided that your contributions are valuable and reputable.


Following these Off-Page Search Engine Optimization ethical practices, however, do not provide instant backlinks. It will take some time. Committing your self to these ethical practices surely endows desirable results.  Although it might not give an overnight high SERP, gradually it will increase market’s awareness about your website as well as your company and take note with good image.

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