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Web Development (Part 2): The Advantages of Custom Built CMS

A Look Back to Open Source CMS

Web Development is a continuous human endeavor to advance Information Technology.  The first part of this web development article presents that the creation of Content Management System or CMS to complement dynamic websites is indeed a proof that IT industry especially the web is evolving.

As information travels fast, people want to get their website and CMS done immediately as possible. This is one of the reasons why IT professionals reached to the point of developing Open Source CMS, e.g., WordPress, Joomla, Drupal.

To make web development easier, an Open Source CMS lays a framework wherein a developer can have this as his reference in producing the system. Since the foundation is already set by the community of web designers and web developers, the production of the CMS might be cheaper, the codes can somewhat be customized, the system is open for improvement, and most of the CMSs are SEO friendly.

With the benefits of Open Source CMS at hand, why a lot of web developers still prefer Custom Built CMS, and when should a programmer decide to construct this type of CMS for his web development project?

Custom Built CMS

Custom Built CMS simply means developing the CMS from scratch. Unlike utilizing third party applications, developers will have to create the backbone of their CMS. Pre-designed or pre-coded CMS is not laid to programmers. They have to set their own strategy in coding the Content Management System. Thus, this is thoroughly a web development effort by a company’s IT team or Outsourcing team.w

Custom Built CMS can be developed working on various programming languages some of which are PHP and ASP.NET. A lot have been said that producing CMS from scratch can eat huge time and money. Interestingly, there are situations wherein a website owner can save time and money for doing web development (CMS) from scratch. And there are other benefits that one must realize.

The Benefits of Using Custom Built CMS

  • Meet specific and unique needs

If the website owner requires a specific and unique functionality, it is fine to opt for Custom Built CMS. True enough, the codes of Open Source CMS can be customized and edited. But not all web development functionalities that a client might need can be addressed by third party application.  Most of big companies necessitate some specialized functions, and CMS that is developed from scratch is the top choice to meet the strategic and robust features of the site.

  • Cost and Time efficient in some way

Custom Built CMS is somehow cost and time efficient to complete the web development process.  The codes of CMS from scratch are streamlined. Web developers will structure the CMS based on client’s brief. From the beginning, a programmer can labor on the exact requirements. It is practical to start from scratch if the functionalities are very specialized. In using third party application, the developers will have to unbuild the default codes, adjust then assemble it again just to suit the desire of his client.  It will take much time to override the default in pre-built CMS, and it might cost more to adapt the default just to bump into the unique function of the website and its CMS.

  • Get changes done now

Yes, Open Source CMS is being updated by the community to adapt with the latest techniques in web design and web development. But what if the client wishes that some changes be done now and the functions are very particular? This time the developer might think that he should have used Custom Built CMS from the very start. CMS from scratch can be changed and updated overtime not at the convenience of the webmaster of third party apps but on the clients’ demand to accomplish the growing needs of the company’s website.

  • Unparalleled Website

If the client yearns for a cut above the rest site, then one should have the CMS and web development independent from third party applications. In Custom Built CMS, the codes are programmed to directly match the particulars of the website.  As a result, the look and mechanism of the website are beyond compare because it was developed with respect to the intention of the client not upon the pre-defined features of Open Source CMS.

Do Remember

Open Source CMS and Custom Built CMS have their own advantages. No one can be definite that third party-supported CMS or CMS from scratch is the best for all web development attempts. The best type of CMS is the one that fits the situation. How would then a web owner or web programmer analyze a situation if that type of CMS is appropriate? Consider the three important factors: Time, Budget, and Client’s Requirements.

Web Development will keep on finding its way to improve the utilization of CMS. One should not only think about what is new, what the trends are but how it can be sustained and how it can fulfill a need.

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