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Web Development (Part 1): The Advantages of Open Source CMS

using open source in web development

Content Management System (CMS)

Website development is one of the most obvious indications that human intelligence is progressing. From building of simple static webpages, web programmers and developers were able to create dynamic websites. And the invention of dynamic websites comes along with development of Content Management System (CMS).

In layman’s term, CMS is a tool used to handle website’s content. Through the use of Content Management System, updating the content of a website is easier since website owners or administrators have the authority to manage the site’s content. Thus, website owners/administrators may no longer seek the help of website developers in case they want to change the content of their website. CMS gives them the freedom to modify their content at their desired time.

CMS can be built in two ways- one method is using Open Source CMS (which is the focus of this article) and the other one is developing CMS from scratch. Programming from scratch, as the term “scratch” implies, it is the coding of your own script literally from the scratch or from the start. On the other hand, open source CMS can be defined in simple way- it is a ready-made content management system in which the source code is open or made available for public use and oftentimes, it’s FREE.

Open Source CMS

Because of the development of Open Source Content Management System, the web design and web development scenario has changed. Open source CMS is the product of the collaboration of the community (web programmers and designers); hence the support for back-end processing is readily provided. It makes web development easier because there’s no need to code the CMS scripts from the scratch. Developers can just easily incorporate the back-end process with the markup format to build functional CMS web design. Also, it can be integrated with the old, existing CMS of a website. Thus, it is no wonder why Open Source Content Management System has taken the web design and web development community by storm. Many web programmers are now using the three of the most popular Open Source Content Management Systems such as Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal in developing websites.

But are these reasons already enough why web developers should use open source CMS for their website design and development projects? In this article, we will discuss the advantages of using open source CMS.

The Benefits of Using Open Source CMS

  • Cheaper to Develop

Since the public is collaborating to create the open source system, generally Open Source CMS is accessible to everyone. Although there are some Open Source Content Management Systems that require a little amount of money before the source codes can be accessed, in many occasions, Open Source CMS is being offered at no cost and no license fee at all.  Thus, using an open source CMS in web development is cheaper to develop than building a website from scratch.

  • Customizable and Easy to Edit

One advantage of using open source CMS is it can be customized. Although the source codes were already made by the community, designers and developers can still edit these codes to meet the requirements of the clients without exerting too much time and effort in coding the scripts. In addition to that, the community keeps on contributing plugins to provide more functions to an Open Source CMS. Also, it allows the programmers to edit pages online using browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explore. Thus, editing and viewing of pages have never been this easy before.

  • Always Updated and the Security Risk is Low

The contributors of the open source community are very active in updating the system, thus the system is always open for improvement and changes. Moreover, bugs and errors can be discovered quickly because the system is being tested by the users. Patches for security holes are swiftly created and shared to solve security issues and avoid further occurrences.

  • High Quality and SEO Friendly

Skilled and dedicated web programmers spend their time in building the open source system; as a result, developers can build high quality websites. Aside from this, most of the open source content managements systems are search engine optimization friendly. Web pages are already optimized to give good traffic to the website owners.

Open source CMS is a big help to web designers and programmers in managing their web design and web development projects, however it does not mean that developing a website from scratch has no advantage at all. And this is what we are going to discuss for our next article: why web developers should build websites from scratch.

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