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The Artistic Design Elements of a Website

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With the advancement of technology, today, websites are commonly used by many business companies, organizations and government sectors to transact or communicate with their colleagues and clienteles, either inside the country or around the world. In the midst of this technological development, it is a decisive action to make the website as one of the communication devices for business ventures. Yet, just like any medium for communication, a website is an ever-changing tool that the site’s style should be always new as technologies progress. For this reason, web developers should keep in mind that web design and web development must be a part of this progression to cope with the latest design trends.

Color, images, animations, background and links are just a few of the basic elements of artistic web design. The usage of these mediums in the websites should be monitored perfectly to create a product according to the needs of the client.

Color. Specifically, the website viewers prefer usage of color shades, which are gracious to the eyes. Web designers should consider that at a first glimpse, the combination of colors should be good, not irritating, and in proper contrast with the texts and background.

Images. Images play a vital role in the construction of a website. Imagine a site with pure texts only; it’s so dull, right? However, a website with too many images occupying the whole site is also annoying to the sight of the viewers. A little use of images with defying value won’t screw a website’s design, but can intensify the structure of the site.

Animations. Always remember: Animations make slower performance of the site. Though it creates an artistic web design, keep in mind, too, that viewers can be easily upset because of time-consuming loading of the site, which may result to leaving the website without even giving a time to finish the loading of the animation. To avoid this, only use an animation when it is necessary in giving information about the content.

Background. Always remember that the clients will like the website background if the texts can be easily read and not soring to the eyes.

Links. The viewers must see that a certain text or image is a link to content in the site or to any website. The changing of mouse arrow is a simple indication that it is a link, exclusive the changing of colors when hovered. Designers should also keep in mind that linkages can be seen before and after it has been clicked by the viewer.

Business enterprises usually outsource their website design and development to a designer or developer with a unique state of mind, in which their site can be easily clutched by the extended visitors because of its attractive and informative design. Delicate tastes of the clients should be met by web service providers. Hence, the attractiveness yet simplicity of a website with easily-understood information shall be thoroughly exposed to the viewers and can get positive feedback.

Moreover, the work will not end by just simply designing and developing the site’s architecture. Websites must be also maintained regularly to keep the artistic design updated.

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