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Web Development: What people like in your functional website?

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Web development, in macro level, refers to the entire production process of constructing a website—from planning to maintenance. In micro level, on the other hand, web development is the route to assembling the site into a working platform through coding or programming.

Although web development can be broad and very technical, web developers should consider how web users behave while utilizing the website. True enough, websites are made for the consumption of people and not for the expenditure of robots.

The goal of this blog article is not to edify technicalities. Rather this will give sensible points that an individual akin to a functional website.


Website usability consultant and expert Jakob Nielsen believed that web users have a low tolerance for difficult and slow sites. Web surfers take advantage of internet to get immediate information.

Easy-to-learn website is what we like. Simply put, we pay high regard to the sites that are with no trouble. Web-readable contents, organize navigation levels, fast loading pages, and no broken links among others are just several things you have to take note in web usability.


Interaction nowadays signifies not only people-to-people but also people-to-internet. Thus, web consumers are hungry for features that would let them engage and participate.

We now breathe in the modern era of internet. Website that blandly presents text content is passé. You must devise suitable functions that will allow your target visitors go beyond the content of your site. Interactive features can set through from chat, forums, contact us form, to survey, self-selected FAQs, help desk.


Browsing the net equates accessing the site with ease. Internet surfers do not like if they still need to shift into other browser just because the website is best viewed on that browser.

There are various types of web browsers—not all of us employ only one. Some may get hold of Google Chrome or IE and others may choose Mozilla. As a web developer, you should carefully determine if the website is properly working on the frequently used browsers. The same way, your website must look the same on all browsers.


No one can deny that web development is evolving; there are always something new to offer. Web surfers know when and how to appreciate, and they recognize a habitually sustained website.

Developing a site does not stop when it gets live. Web maintenance is part and parcel of web development. We suggest that you should build up a site that you can sustain or maintain. Maintaining a site is pertinent to constantly support your internet users’ needs.


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