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SEO: Article Marketing

article marketing versus copywriting

Article Marketing vs. Copywriting

Article marketing and copywriting are business activities used for advertising and promotion. Although their objectives are similar to each other, article marketing and copywriting are still two different entities in some ways.

Article marketing is the publication and distribution of written articles in the marketplace, which contents are industry related. A “resource box” is being provided for every published article, containing the byline, author’s short biography and contact info or any information related to the company. A quality article released for free distribution, attracts potential clients and makes one’s business to be a credible source of information within its target market.

Article marketing can be distinguished into two forms- traditional and internet article marketing. The first one refers to paper-print (newspaper and magazine) in which, it is utilized by entrepreneurs to get free press space. In contrast to traditional article marketing is the internet article market, (the focus of this article) which refers to the online submission of articles via article directories.

On the other hand, in copywriting, the texts are creatively written to promote a person, a business or even an opinion. Its main goal is to persuade the readers, listeners or viewers to patronize a certain product, service or person. Thus, copywriting utilizes different media such as print, television, radio and online and social media for advertisement. Direct mail pieces, taglines, jingle lyrics, web content, online ads, radio or television commercial scripts, press releases, catalogs, billboards, posts on blogs and  social networking sites, etc, are all examples of copywriting.

In our article “Search Engine Optimization: The Importance in Copywriting,” we have already discussed the significance of integrating SEO in your web copy. Now, we are going to talk about why you should include article marketing in your SEO campaign.

Article Marketing and its Effects on SEO

Since the intention of website optimization is to increase the site’s ranking on search engines and drive traffic to the website through the help of SEO campaigns, thus, writing quality web articles for online publication via article directories is one of the most effective methods of search engine optimization. Article marketing will not only help you to promote your business or affiliate program for free, but it will also boost your sales and give you a brand that you are an expert in your field.

Usually, the topics being discussed in article marketing are those related to your forte. For example, your business is web design and web development, it is advisable to write web articles about these subjects. Remember, your purpose is to endorse your business by feeding your market with useful information, so it’s important to maximize the use of article marketing.

Writing valuable articles and getting published on article directories and blog sites can have the following positive effects on SEO:

  • Improves Page Ranking

Article marketing can improve your page ranking because of the number of links pointing to your website. Usually, article directories are providing a resource box in each published article. Utilize this by creating a short biography about you and linking your website. Moreover, when you write an article, it is important to link any of your web pages to the word/s or keyword/s related to your business. But do not overdo it. Remember, the key to successful article marketing is providing valuable and quality write-ups.

  • Increases website traffic

Article marketing drives traffic to your website when you write a quality article and it gets published online. Thus, a link back to your website allows the users to check on your site. There are many article directories around the net; you can submit your articles to those directories as many as you want, but see to it that they also cover your target readers.

  • Establishes online reputation

Rich content related to your industry allows you to get quality backlinks. And the more quality backlinks you get, the more you get a good online reputation. Search engines like Google and Bing use author authority in influencing search results. Therefore, the more you provide excellent contents the more you become credible and reliable in your marketplace.

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