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Online Branding: The Evolving Identity Elements

online branding

Just like our technology, Identity Elements of Online Branding is also evolving. A brand expert can utilize these advanced identity elements to establish a product in the online marketplace. But, before we discuss the topic further, let’s have a recap on the first part of this article.

In the article Online Branding: The Basic Identity Elements, we tackle the physical elements of a brand. These Brand Identity Elements are design, layout &organization, logo & other images, and text contents. Design must be consistent with the products and company goals. Layout should be web-reader friendly. Logo calls for visibility on each web page. Text contents require a format and style applicable on website as well as the type of business.

On this second installment, we lay the three Evolving Identity Elements of Online Branding. Here, we employ the word evolving because these are the developing Brand Identities in a technologically driven world of your target market.

1. Function- it is the interaction between the site and the site visitor that can be achieved through a well-planned web development. Functions can also be termed as web features that build good relationship with its users. Some examples of web features are chat, working forms, e-mail, etc. If these functions satisfy the needs of the site visitors, it develops a good brand experience.

However, you must first analyze your product, its target market, and your website goals. You can not simply incorporate all the available functions you want just for the sake of producing an interactive site.  Vice versa, absence of and scanty web features fail to connect with target markets.  Remember that “too much” “too less” or “none at all” might lead to brand confusion and brand stagnation instead of a good brand experience.

2. Domain Name – this is your site’s point-of-reference. There are two types of domain names. First is the keyword enriched, that is, your domain name is pulled from the keywords you used for your website. Second is the company-based wherein the business name itself serves as the domain name. The type of domain name that you should choose depends in your objectives.

The concern of Online Branding is a straightforward domain name. This means that your site’s domain name can be easily identified and remembered. The immediate benefits of a straightforward domain name are word of mouth form of promotion and direct visits to your site. If your target markets were able to identify and remember the domain name, they can readily refer this to their peers and colleagues. Likewise, they can directly type the domain name on the URL bar.

3. Search Engine Optimization- SEO is a technique that perks up the visibility of your site on different search engines in the course of keywords. SEO and Branding are connected. SEO can facilitate a brand to become establish. A serious effort in SEO follows a better overall branding of your product.

Take this scenario: You are now in the internet driven set-up, and most of the time you go online to find a good product to complement your needs and wants. Of course, you will click the site that landed on the early pages of the search engines.  If you already find an answer to that website, the site initializes brand recognition. Accordingly, a product might experience a delayed online recognition if SEO will be taken for granted. Delayed online recognition might result to a brand’s slow progress.

Branding via websites is an emerging and evolving strategy of Marketing. Every year, there might be some modernized Identity Elements of Online Branding. To start right, you must first stabilize the Basic Brand Identity Elements (design, layout &organization, logo & other images, and text contents) because these are the foundations of Brand Identity. Having a website as communication tool, you should also allot enough attention to the Evolving Brand Identity Elements (functions, domain name, SEO) to continuously witness the profit of your Online Branding endeavors.

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