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Online Branding: The Basic Identity Elements

online branding

It is established that a brand or branding is not just about the brand name and brand logo of a company. Brand, as a whole, is the promise set by a company to its target market. However, the first step in any branding strategy is building the Corporate Identity, Brand Identity or merely the Identity. Identity encompasses all the physical elements of a brand.

Before, the promises or benefits of a company’s products were communicated barely through traditional media namely television, radio, and print. But with the onset of internet usage in people’s daily lives, online captures the idea of branding. Thus, it gives birth to what we call the Online Branding.

Online Branding is the overall strategy of a business in relaying the attached benefits of their product and positioning or differentiating the product from its competitors using an online medium such as a PC-based website, mobile-based website, etc.

The list below provides you with simple advices about the Basic Identity Elements of Online Branding. We use the term basic because these are the foundations of Branding that should be present on the most common channel for establishing online branding- which is the WEBSITE.

1.  Design- is the encapsulation of the elements like color, typography, shapes, and lines among others. It is very advisable that these elements are coherent with the products and ideals that your business forwards to the market, thus must be visible in your website design.

If your business is into selling toys for girls and the color identity is Pink, it is worthwhile if the dominant colors on the website are feminine hues with emphasis on the color identity of the company which is Pink. The typography may also inhabit a curvy type of font faces instead of an edgy font faces because it has a metaphor that the products are for girls rather than for boys.

2.  Layout/organization- a clean or cluttered layout can make or break the impact of your website. An organize website may give impression how organize your business can be. People might infer from the organize website layout that your company’s products are with quality and fulfill its promises to the consumers.

A good example is the website layout for a direct selling business. It would be fine if the website layout looks like a brochure. Through a brochure type layout, the business can more ascertain that it is into direct selling business because a brochure is vital and common instrument in any direct selling company.

3.  Logo and other images- the logo itself can walk the talk of your company and its products. An individual has an identification card, and your business must have a logo for identification. Logo is unique to any business. Therefore, it is important that your business logo is visible on every page of the company website. The logo’s visibility on each web page allows a consumer to easily remember the brand name and its promises.

Similarly, other images in your company website must show relationship with your business mission. An evaluation is significant to determine if the images have something to do with the concerns of your company to avoid Online Branding misconstruction. For example, a hotel and restaurant website is expected to have luscious images of food and cozy pictures of the place. Through these images, it can already relay a good branding for the company.

4. Text Contents- the tone of the text contents on your website speaks who the company is. You can not apply playful and too much slang words on the website text contents if the nature of your business or products is serious and formal.  Likewise, excess technical and formal words are not good for your business whose products are for entertainment and leisure purposes.

You must as well consider the length of the text contents because website readers want immediate information about their query. Learn how to adapt the text content length based on the website medium, for instance, personal computer and mobile.

You should maximize the Basic Identity Elements of Online Branding most especially if your business’s communication tool settles more on website. On the Part 2 of this article, we will present the Evolving Identity Elements of Online Branding.

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