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It is significant for every company to have an online arm as the Internet became a cutthroat marketplace for trade and commerce. Because of this fact, a strict competition on the Internet is increasing, thus, website traffic and page rankings turned out to be very significant for enterprises. As a result, capitalists are giving much importance on search engine optimization campaigns as it helps the website to land on the top page of search engines.

But integrating SEO activities in your website is not easy. One must be careful in formulating the SEO game plan as a wrong move can lead to a downhill battle. Plus, there are rules that must be followed to avoid being banned and blacklisted by major search engines. So, how a website can survive the competitive SEO world?

The answer is simple, apply the HEART Rule of creating content to your Search Engine Optimization campaign. The acronym stands for Honest, Exclusive, Accurate, Relevant and Timely.

The terms black hat and white hat are not new in SEO. Black hat is the use of sneaky shortcuts and tricks in order to deceive search engines that can result to a high-traffic website. On the other hand, the opposite of black hat is white hat, which pertains to the honest and legal techniques used in search engine optimization.

Your website is the reflection of the core values of your company on the Internet. Hence, imposing honest activities to optimize your website builds trusts from website users and search engines. However, engaging in deceitful activities like black hat SEO to gain website traffic exhibits desperation and idiocy. Tricking the search engines to get higher rankings is nothing but a waste of time, money and effort because if you get caught by these search engines, your site will be blacklisted and your website becomes worthless.

One imperative advice to remember in SEO: never duplicate your web content. When we say duplicate content, it means that the content is not just solely present in your website, but it is also visible in other websites and domains.

Having a duplicate content is not good for your website as search engines are capable of detecting duplicate data from the original website in their index. Relying on duplicate content to drive traffic to your website is stupidity because of its damaging effects such as losing page rankings and the possibility that your website will be removed in search engines index, making your site no appearance at all in search results. So to avoid future problems with search engines, be sure that your content must be exclusively created for your website and it should contain unique and original information.

Link building is a popular search engine optimization technique, which involves the process of getting other websites to link to your site. One benefit of link building is that your site can acquire a higher page rank by obtaining quality backlinks for your website as it is being indexed by search engines. Quality backlinks can help your website boost its online standing because search engines use link popularity to measure the website’s ranking, reputation, and quality. Also, it allows you to get a direct traffic to your site.

The common examples of link building activities are Social Bookmarking, article marketing, website directories, and blog commenting. So, when you start doing link building, be sure that you are submitting the accurate URL of your site and not a broken link because broken links can give a bad impression to site’s visitors. However, be careful enough not to overdo any of your link building activities as again; your site may be penalized, once you get caught.

Keywords and key phrases are the terms used by internet users in searching the web for information. Identifying the right keywords and key phrases is one of the crucial processes in SEO as it requires careful analysis of users’ online search behavior and competitors’ insights. Likewise, keywords should not be only relevant to the words that the users are looking for, but it must be also consistent with your site and business agenda.

As for your website to be indexed by search engines, it is important that you use your keywords properly and put it down in the right places in your web content. Avoid keywords stuffing because if you go beyond the allowed keyword density, your website might be punished. To take advantage of keywords effectively, replace the most obvious and popular keywords with a specific set of relevant keywords to what the searchers are likely or will be using.

Applying the latest strategies and techniques in search engine optimization is as necessary as keeping timely web content. Today, social media has become a powerful tool for search engine optimization, especially now that Google is providing real-time social contents in the search result. Moreover, Social Media also helps businesses to create a strong rapport with the clients and target customers. Communication with the consumers as well as expanding the market reach become simple through the help of Social Media.

To make Social Media as useful element of your SEO campaign, you must provide quality contents to encourage the users to participate in interactions like sharing, voting, commenting and linking. These social interactions can give your content more exposure, increase traffic and provide relevant backlinks. Some examples of Social Media are Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Digg, Stumble Upon and Wordpress. So if you want your SEO campaign to spell SUCCESS, see to it that you are utilizing the timely SEO methodologies, so that you won’t be left behind by your competitors.

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  • Philippines Outsourcing

    I agree with every thing that said on this article. It’s important to do SEO in an ethical manner. Black hat can get you high rank but it has a huge payback. Just stick with the right way of doing it which is white hat, though it may take some time but it’s definitely worth it.

  • Steven

    I don’t like your use of the word ‘legal’ when you talk about SEO. You are suggesting that there are laws relating to optimisation and anybody that employs a so called black hat tactic is a law breaker.
    Who decides anyway what is black or white hat, it’s a bit like spam, everybodies definition of it is slightly different.
    From my own point of view I will try anything at least once, if it works, great, if not try something else. I certainly don’t consult my legal brief to see if what I am proposing to do is black or white.
    I gave you a FB ‘like’ for coming up with the acronym of the week ‘HEART’

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  • Vincent Nagaya

    Thanks for posting!

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