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Search Engine Optimization: The Importance in Copywriting

We are all familiar with the cliché ‘content is king.’ The phrase simply means that the success or failure of any media outfit relies on the message one is trying to communicate. This slogan is always true especially on the Internet as  it becomes a reservoir of information. Whether the information is in the form of text, audio, video, graphics or image- it is called as the website’s content.

But no matter how beautiful the web design is, web content can make or break a website simply because it conveys the message that people would likely to know. A good content attracts visitors, stimulates the interest of the users, and invites them to take favorable actions. Furthermore, it transmits the right information, and improves online presence, traffic and conversion rates. On the other hand, a poor content drives the visitors away from your website.

However, having an excellent and persuasive content is not enough for your website to budge its presence on the Internet. Your web content will be useless if it does not appear on search engines and worst, if it is not visible to your audience. Hence, a good content is not just about having a well-written copy. It is also important to realize the significance of optimizing your content by writing a convincing web copy that ranks in search engines.

Here are some reasons why you should integrate search engine optimization in copywriting.

  1. Get Found. An optimized copy improves your website’s effectiveness and reliability, and at the same time, your site’s visibility in search engines. Search engines will display your website based on the relevancy of the search terms found in your content that were used by your audience.
  2. Better Rankings. Improve your site’s rankings by writing a unique and relevant copy. Search engines put a great deal of significance on web contents, which are more related to the popular keywords used by the visitors.
  3. Increase site’s traffic. Keywords are the terms used by your audience to search for information. Proper use and placement of keywords in your web copy will drive traffic to your website.
  4. Reader-friendly content. SEO makes your content more readable for your visitors because instead of using highfaluting words and flowery phrases, you speak the language of your readers.
  5. Get competitor’s insights. Search engine optimization allows you to study your competitor’s online performance through an extensive analysis of their titles, Meta tags and body copy. Therefore, you will know the popular tags used in your niche market.
  6. Know your users online search behavior. SEO lets you understand the needs of your audience by familiarizing the terms they are using for researches.

To conclude this, copywriting for web is not only about the artistic use of words for promotion of your website and providing valuable contents for your audience. It is also about writing for search engines. The core idea is to write a compelling content that matches to what your users are searching on the net.

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