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BRAND: The Four (Must-know) Interrelated Aspects

We always hear the words “It’s branded!”  But do we really know the real sense of a brand?

Most of the time we thought that a logo or a trade name is already a brand. Yes, it is a brand, but it is just a part of it. There are more to go than just a logo or a trade name.

Think of a brand as a human. We as humans have different personalities that define our totality. Thus, a brand is just like us—it is the totality of a company or product. Brand combines the four interrelated aspects or the “ALities.” Let us tell you about that.


We landed on a certain website and we see the brand name, trade name, brand mark, trade character, trade mark, and all that capture our eyes. Something visual is the first aspect of a brand: physical. In business, the physicality of a brand is termed as Corporate Identity or simply the Identity. Anything that can be perceived by our senses is categorized as the physical aspect of a brand.


Naturally, social means how we relate to others. For a brand to build relationship, a company must make efforts to make connections through Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC). A head-turner logo and an ear-catcher tagline are not enough. A company must succinctly communicate the “physicals” for a well-grounded social aspect of a brand.


We already have the physical and social. But it does not stop there. The emotional aspect of a brand is its reputation. It is the perceived image that the public has to the product. This, eventually, may turn out as the Corporate Image. Take this as an example: you have this IT brand that you always use. Whenever you hear or see that brand you have this notion that its products are high-quality and reasonable price. And that is the reputation, the perceived image, the emotional aspect.


Sometimes we take for granted the ability of Identity and Branding because it may drain our pockets. But if we do it strategically, it is economical. We definitely invest money in Identity and Branding; though, we may experience the Return of Investment (ROI).

Have this model:

Humans have the personalities and brands have the four interrelated “ALities.”

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